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Happy Music

Music is magical! Music  can change our moods. Music can lift your spirits, and bring you out of your doldrums. A few months ago I posted about Music for the classroom. I gave ideas for music to play for optimum learning, and why it is important for learning. You can read that post HERE.

Today I wanted to focus more on the happy music. You know, the music to have playing while the students arrive in the morning (see THIS post), or during an Open House.

Below you'll see several links for the kind of music I play in my classrooms when "happy music" is needed. As the children walk into the room in the morning, I want them feeling good, so I play happy music. I also play happy music during brain breaks, or any point in the day where children seem to need a "lift".

We also have an Open House coming up soon. The children come with their parents to meet their teacher for the first time. I usually have some fun things for the children to do when they get there, but you can be sure I'll have some fun music playing in the background! It gives a happy feel to the entire room!

Here are a few ideas for fun music: (Each image is a link to Amazon.)

Music collections designed for kids!

I find "oldies" collections are great fun for all generations.  The Big Band stuff is fantastic in the classroom, and who doesn't love the Andrews Sisters?

Here's a list of fun stuff I have on my ipad, that I play just to put myself in a good mood.  (You know, cleaning, setting up the classroom, when you need a lift!) It works for kids, too!

Most of these are "classic rock" you can't miss playing this music!
Happy Music! This post discusses the effect music has on emotions, and suggests playing happy music in the classroom. It includes a freebie list of "feel good" music.

Click HERE to download my list.

What music makes you happy?  What music do you play in the classroom?
Happy Music! This post discusses the effect music has on emotions, and suggests playing happy music in the classroom. It includes a freebie list of "feel good" music.


  1. I love music! It's so motivating. Thank you for your list. One of my goals this year it to integrate more music into my classroom. I'm planning to put together several different playlists. I went to a session by Dr. Rich Allen at the SDE conference and he also recommended oldies. Thank you!


  2. Thank you Sally for this wonderful list! Music playing quietly in the classroom while the students are working really does helps them focus.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list! I play quiet music in my classroom literally all day every day. From the moment the kids walk in the door to the moment they head home. My FAVORITE is called Rockabye Baby (you can find it on iTunes). It's lullaby versions of famous rock/pop music. No words, just calm, soothing wonderfulness.

    Mr. First Grade

  4. Hi, Sally! I love your list! The class that I have now loves to dance, and they love The Twist and The Locomotion. They also love Who Let the Dogs Out (I have to warn them not to bark too loudly) and The Gummy Bear song, which is one of the most ridiculous songs ever, but it's got a catchy beat and they love to dance to it.


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