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Holiday Freebies!

I can't believe the holidays are suddenly upon us! 

I know a lot of us have a lot of teaching to be done, too!

I'm here to help you with that!

I wanted to give you  some holiday freebies!  See the linky below to check out my holiday freebies, and the freebies of other teachers, too!

If you are a teacher, I'd love to have you link up if you have a holiday freebie aimed at grades 1 - 3!

A Year's Worth of Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

You're in luck! It's time for a Bright Ideas Round up!
bright idea

This is a collection of all our bright ideas from the past year!

Last January, I posted a bright idea on a quick way to celebrate the good stuff. See that post HERE.
bright idea

In February, I posted about a trick I learned 30 years ago from a bus driver, that helps the children appreciate the adults in their life. See that post HERE.
bright idea

March was about keeping a positive attitude toward Reading. See that post HERE.
bright idea

In April, I shared a way for the kids to see the feedback I put on their papers.  Click HERE.
bright idea

In May, I shared some tricks to help the children keep track of the size of certain measurements, even if they don't have a ruler or other tools. Click HERE.
Bright idea

Here's a game I play often, especially in June when the kiddos are more restless than usual. Click HERE to see how to keep them moving!
Bright ideas

July's post was about a trick to get parents to read notes you send home. HERE's the link!
bright idea

In August, I shared my secret ingredient for a Successful Open House. Click HERE.
Bright Idea

In September, I shared a little trick I learned from one of the cafeteria ladies that helps kids feel good rather than "left out". Click HERE for that link.
Bright Idea

Believe it or not, October was the first month since the Bright Ideas blog hop started two years ago that I didn't link up. (That reflects how busy this year has been!)

But you're in luck... HERE's a link to last year's Round-Up! A whole year's worth of Bright ideas for 2014!
Blog Hop Round Up

Blog Hop

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Elementary Matters

Elementary Matters

Bouncy Bands for Wiggly Kids

Got wiggly kids? I sure do! I've got kiddos that wiggle all day long!

There are numerous strategies for these kids to help them get the wiggles out and focus more on classwork. 

One excellent strategy is using Bouncy Bands!
There are two different kids of Bouncy Bands. One you can attach to a child's desk, like you see above. The other attaches to the child's chair like this happy guy below.

Both bands allow the children to push or kick against the rubber strand with their feet. It helps the children with the need to move do so without disrupting others. 

I wish I had one for every kid! I've seen a variety of foot action with each type of Bouncy Band, but with minimal noise and distraction. 

It definitely took some muscle to put the Bouncy Bands onto the furniture, but once it was there, the kiddos can go crazy with the bands without damaging them!

School is so stressful for the kiddos these days. It's nice to have something for them to relieve a little of that stress.  Bouncy Bands are a great option to help these kids!

Be sure to check out this video from Scott, the creator of Bouncy Bands! (The little guy at the end is adorable, isn't he?)

Here's another video from Dr. Oz (I love him!) It features the "Read and Ride" program created by Scott of Bouncy Bands, but there is also a mention of the benefits of Bouncy Bands as well! As teachers, we all know the learning benefits of letting kids move!

To see more about Bouncy Bands, see THIS link!

Holiday Magic!

The holidays will be here before you know it! I've been putting my holiday resources in order, and here are a few that will keep the kiddos engaged, along with some fun learning as well! (Just like magic!)

Holiday magic: This blog post contains ideas for fun and engaging activities designed for learning!

Here's one of my favorite collections: Science and Social Studies Printables for December!


This has all sorts of Science and Social Studies activities! It's got close reads on the aurora borealis and the north pole, a mapping activity about the North Pole, classifying animals by habitats, science activities on holiday scents and the effect of marshmallows on hot chocolate, and there's even a civics activity on elf laws!

Here's a great way to start each day with the children thinking!
These Morning Meeting Greeting Questions can be displayed each morning for discussion,  or printed for written responses. Every day has a totally different question, based on the calendar and unusual national holidays!

The kiddos won't even know they're having learning experiences, they'll be having so much fun!

Holiday No Prep Printables has loads of Math and Literacy activities that are just perfect for those few days just before the holidays, when you're trying to keep them focused, but all they want to do is talk about the upcoming holidays! This collection will perform its holiday magic on the kiddos!


Drawing Holiday Conclusions is a favorite of my students! These task cards can be used as a center, as part of a Scoot game, or as skill practice in a reading group. This is always a hit!

Finally, one of my favorite freebies! This resource is totally magical! The children LOVE to listen to the music of the Nutcracker and visualize the storyline. Their pictures are delightful, and it's always a peaceful time while they listen and illustrate. (Sh... don't tell them they are practicing important reading skills like visualizing and sequencing a story!)


Be sure to click the link HERE for more December resources!

Holiday magic: This blog post contains ideas for fun and engaging activities designed for learning!

Science and Social Studies Activities for November

Science and Social Studies are my very favorite things to teach! However, it's so hard to find time in the schedule to teach these. But I manage to find time by overlapping with other subjects, such as reading, and including science and social studies concepts with the calendar!  

Here's my favorite resource for November!
Science and Social Studies Activities for November!


I'm determined to make your life easier, and I hope this resource does the job!  I've taken many of the important second grade skills, mixed in a few November special days, and came up with these activities! There are close reading activities, mini-books, sorting activities,and even a S.T.E.M. activity to do with leftover Halloween candy corn! It's guaranteed fun for the kids, easy for the teachers, and valuable learning experiences!

Here are a couple of my favorite parts:


A Turkey Fact Mini-book! (With vocabulary and comprehension questions.)


Daylight Savings Time Close Read. 


A STEM Engineering Challenge with leftover Halloween candy corn!


Thanksgiving Fact or Fiction? This one was so much fun to make: Children have to decide whether things could have happened back in the 1600s at the first Thanksgiving! Expect plenty of giggles!

If you like these, check out some of my Science and Social Studies Bundles:

Autumn Bundle



These resources have made my life so much easier! I hope they do the same for you!
Science and Social Studies for November: here are several Science and Social Studies activities designed for second grade, with November themes.

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