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Learning About the USA

There is a lot going around in politics that is far too brutal for small children. Yet, their little eyes and ears are open, and they're noticing what is going on around them. I think this is a good time for the children to learn about the USA.

Learning About the USA: Here are several resources and freebies to help young children learn about their country in a stress and opinion free manner!

I prefer to use this interest to teach the children more "safe," "non-biased" information about their country. As teachers, we have an obligation to teach them to think for themselves, and certainly not to tell them how to think! 

I have several Amazon affiliate links below that will bring a few pennies to me, with absolutely no cost to you. These are some examples of teaching the children about the United States without teaching them to have an opinion.

Kids LOVE maps, and they LOVE puzzles!!
Beginner's Atlas 
USA Destinations

50 Fearless Women 
No Voice Too Small  
I'm sure you know plenty more children's books to educate children about the United States of America! (Leave a comment below with your favorites!)

Here are a few resources that can be used throughout the year, whether or not there is a patriotic holiday on the horizon!

This is my newest Boom Learning set: the children think about each USA fact, and decide if it is true or false.  Fun Facts About the USA
Fun Facts about the USA: Boom Learning
These Reading Comprehension for Active Learners sets have always been a big hit for my learners! This one tells about the 5 branches of the US military.
Freedom Isn't Free
Reading Comprehension for Active Learners: Freedom isn't Free
This election themed noun practice matching game can be used any time of year! Election Common and Proper Nouns
Election Themed Common and Proper Nouns
Here's another Boom Learning set comparing two of the countries in North America! Canada, USA, or Both?
Canada, USA, or both? Boom Learning

These mapping task cards help children learn their way around the USA map!Mapping Task Cards USA Set OneMapping Task Cards Set Two
Mapping Task Cards USA

This set combines several skills, and can be used for Presidents Day, Election Day, or any day you're learning about the USA! Mapping, Comparing, Syllables, and Opinion Writing with a President Theme
Mapping, comparing, syllables, and opinion writing for presidents day, election day, or any day!
Do your students struggle to remember which patriotic holiday is which? American Holidays: A Sorting Game
American Holidays: A Sorting game

 All the above items are contained in this bundle, plus the ones below, all at a huge discount!  Learning About the USA Bundle
Learning about the USA Bundle!

Here are a whole bunch of freebies related to learning about the USA. Enjoy!

Please don't hesitate to share in the comments below how you help younger children learn about the USA!

Learning About the USA: Here are several resources and freebies to help young children learn about their country in a stress and opinion free manner!

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