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Looking at November

I'm looking at the calendar, and I just can't believe we're approaching November already!
There's a lot going on in November, but no need to fear, I've got your teaching needs covered!
November Resources: Suggestions and resources for Election Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day, including 5 freebies!
 Here are a couple of resources to start off November:
November Morning Meeting Greeting Activities



Here is one of my favorite November resources: Science and Social Studies Activities for November!


Don't forget Election Day!

I'm sure I'll be having the kiddos vote for something, but they won't be voting for president... far too controversial! This one's a freebie! Election Day Graphing Option for Little Kids


Veteran's Day is November 11th! 

Here's a fun activity to help the children understand what a Veteran really is! This will spark some great conversations! See the image for the link! Veterans True or False


Once they figure out what Veterans are, they can write thank you notes to Veterans using this freebie! See the image for the link. Thank You Veterans!


Since Election Day and Veterans Day are both Patriotic holidays, enjoy these Patriotic Brain Breaks! See the image for the link to this freebie! Patriotic Brain Breaks


Of course, everyone's favorite November holiday is Thanksgiving! Check out these Printables! 


Here's a math game to practice +9s! Turkey Nines  (Oh my goodness, they LOVE this game! It works like "Old Maid")

And guess what... there's a freebie version!  Turkey Nines Freebie!


Just one more: The Thanksgiving Story: an informational text for children to illustrate. This has a primary level recount of the Pilgrims from all those years ago. The children can visualize the story, then draw their images. See the image for the link!


I hope you find something your students will love for the month of November!

November Resources: Suggestions and resources for Election Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day, including 5 freebies!

Five Reasons NOT to Reward Students

Many teachers love to reward their students for doing a good job on their classwork. 
Five Reasons NOT to Reward Students - Rewarding students MAY do more harm than good. Here are some reasons.

I have mixed feelings about this, and here are some reason why.

Rewards can make behavior and work habits worse in the long run. Simple rewards can certainly motivate children to work harder, but once the reward is gone, the motivation stops. Behaviors and work habits go downhill fast once the children have been rewarded. "Why should I read if I'm not earning a prize?"

Rewards cost money. Teachers don't have a lot of money. 

Rewards give the wrong impression. Good behavior is what's expected. Giving rewards makes good behavior an extra effort worth of a prize. It's almost like turning good behavior into a job, with a paycheck as the prize. 

Rewards lead to entitlement. Children develop a sense of entitlement for simply doing what is expected. Unfortunately, this leads to adults who feel entitled simply for showing up at work. 

Learning is its own reward. Students need to be developing a sense of pride in what they do. That is the true reward! Feeling good about working hard for something is a wonderful feeling! Taking pride in a project done well, or a successful test is a prize within itself. 

Despite all these reasons, I won't say that rewards should never be used. There are some children that need that extra motivation in order to be successful. Some children have behavioral challenges or educational challenges that make school very hard. In these cases, rewards should be used carefully.

Five Reasons NOT to Reward Students - Rewarding students MAY do more harm than good. Here are some reasons.

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