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Fun for Constitution Day

My school is going all out this year for Constitution Day!

The kids are wearing red, white, and blue, and the whole school will be reciting the pledge outdoors at the flagpole.

We've all been given 1700s USA flags for the kids to color, and copies of the school promise to sign with a quill pen. I also heard that later in the day George Washington and Benjamin Franklin will be stopping by the classrooms with a little skit about the signing of the Constitution.

Of course, I might read a book or two:


Here's one of my favorite Schoolhouse Rock Videos!

And, of course, I have a couple of Patriotic Freebies:

Here's an explanation of 6 USA holidays, and some suggestions on how to celebrate our country.

Here's another freebie:  a variety of paper with a USA theme:

Still looking for more?  
Look at all the cool stuff I found when I did a Constitution Day search on Pinterest!

What are your ideas for fun on Constitution Day?

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