Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown

Countdown to ChristmasEver notice that wonderful feeling that comes from doing something for others?  I suspect you know it well, since that's what teaching is all about!

I decided, instead of just a "Countdown to Christmas", I wanted to do a more special countdown.

I made this Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown Set, which is a paper chain countdown with a twist - each link of the chain is an act of kindness to be done by the child, each day between now and Christmas!

First, the children will choose a "topper".  There's a star, a tree, and a Christmas Bear.  The topper is mounted on a piece of construction paper or tagboard, and a slit is cut near the bottom to hold the first link.  Personally, I think this guy is going to need some glitter, and a big red bow at the top to tie him to a special countdown spot!

The "How Many Days" poem goes on the back.  I think this needs glitter, too!

Next, the children can put the individual strips into a chain, putting just the right amount so that one can be removed per day until Christmas.

I have to admit, I'm excited about my new product, and can't wait to put them together with the kids!

For more information:  Here are some links to web pages that list Acts of Kindness for children:

Kids Activities - Acts of Kindness

Building Traditions of Kindness in Kinders (Prek + K Sharing Blog)



  1. I love this idea Sally!!! So meaningful!

    Thanks for linking up :)

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  2. Where can I get your Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown cards from? I would love to do this with my children next year.



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