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The Brain, Memory, Emotions, and Hurricanes

I've been in the mood to tell about my very first day of school.  Yes it was a very long time ago, but if you recall, the memory is connected to emotions, and I had some VERY strong emotions that day.

My mother was a teacher, my dad was the Phys Ed director in my town, and my older sister went to school.  I had to stay home with the babysitter while everyone else in my family went to school.  Needless to say, I wanted to go to school just like everyone else. 

I kept asking when I could go to school.  My mother showed me on the calendar how many days had to go by before I could finally go.  I counted, and counted, and finally, the day came.

School was cancelled because of Hurricane Donna.

"But you promised."  I was inconsolable.  I remember my mother bringing me out to the front porch, trying to convince me that they wouldn't let children go to school when the weather was that bad. 

I must have gone to school the next day, but I really don't remember. 

It was the intense emotion that I remember to this day.  Yet another lesson on the brain and emotions.  And another hurricane story.

Click here for more Pictures of New England during Hurricane Donna.

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