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Why I Love Teaching

I've been a teacher for a very long time. I plan to continue teaching for a very long time. Why? Because I love it, of course! I've always felt that I was born to be a teacher. I feel so "at home" in the classroom. I enjoy interacting with children, and I enjoy watching them grow. I love reading to children, and I love listening to them read. It's a thrill when former students come back and visit. I've even had a couple of former students bring me children of their own to teach! 

I love the smell of new pencils in the fall.  What can be better than a box of brand new crayons, or brand new journals? I think I get even more nervous than the kids about each new year, and rarely sleep that night before the kids first come. I love when a few weeks have passed and the children are getting to know my expectations and things are settling into place. 

Teachers have been through many phases since I first started teaching in the 1970s.  I remember the days of Whole Language and the days of Basal Readers, reading phonetically and reading sight words, learning centers, developmental learning, learning styles, and pretty much everything in between. And you know, it's all been good. Through each phase, I've learned more about what works in the classroom, and what works with individuals. 

But I couldn't do it alone. I've been blessed with delightfully talented colleagues. I've learned lots of little tricks of the trade from each and every one of them. I'm proud of my school, as well as my district. They have managed to hire some of the best teachers I've ever seen. My district encourages teachers to try new things, and my district doesn't hesitate to find money to support materials necessary as well as training. I'm one very lucky teacher.

Probably my favorite part about being a teacher: Never does it get boring!  Every day brings on new challenges and adventures. Each year brings a whole new crop of little ones with their beautiful smiling faces. What do you love about teaching?


  1. Sally!!!! Welcome to the world of blogging. It looks like I have the honor of leaving your first 'comment' and that's a fun milestone to be sure. Congrats on getting your blog launched -- I can see that this will be an awesome spot for others to learn, share and grow.

    Thank you for creating a spot where you can share your years of experience with others. That's a real legacy we ol' timers can offer those just getting underway.

    I look forward to getting acquainted over time.

    Debbie (author/illustrator, music-lady pal)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. I work in the medical field right now & have been since I got out of HS back in 1987. I have always been called to teaching ever since I was in the 3rd grade. I had the best teacher back then. I still credit her for my handwriting skills to which I am commented on all the time. :) I have now decided to go back to school for teaching. My three boys have all had a wonderful 2nd grade teacher that has been a teacher for over 35 years and is not ready to retire since she has many things to offer to our future generations to come. I cannot speak highly enough of her. She has always encouraged me to go into teaching saying that it is never to late!


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