Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Election Day Options for Little Learners

This campaign season is almost over, thank goodness! I'm tired of watching the attack ads all over the tv, my phone ringing constantly, getting ads in the mail, and the signs all over town. 

But I also think it's important to teach the importance of the election to the little ones.  
But in a gentler, kinder fashion.

We vote for our favorite indoor recess game! Click the above image or click HERE for this freebie for Election Day.  It includes ballots, graphs, and suggestions for the day.

We've been working on common and proper nouns, so I've cooked up this matching game with an election theme. I find ANY holiday makes learning more fun, doesn't it? You can learn more about this set HERE, or by clicking the image.

Kids always need brain breaks, and squeezing in a little patriotism doesn't hurt! Click the image or click HERE to download this freebie!

Here are a few books I've found with an election theme. Be sure to click the images for a link to Amazon for more information!

Don't forget the Patriotic Music!

(Click each image for a link to Amazon for more information.)

How do you honor election day with your little ones?

Freebie Fridays

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finally Friday, But it's Saturday!

Yep, another Friday, another linky at Doodle Bugs Teaching! It was another good week with the kiddos, despite Indoor Recess on two days in a row.

Here are my "Friday" Five.

Yes, when asked how he knew 11 was an odd number, he said "because I am smart!"

He is a smart little cookie!

Wednesday was the best day we've had, behavior wise! Look where the class landed on the clip chart! 
Plus, there were NO sad tallies on the Super Improvers Wall!

Yes Wednesday was dark and dreary and pouring all day, but I give some of the credit to Go Noodle!

Sadly, there weren't many leaves left on our class tree after all that rain this week! It had stopped raining by Friday, but it was so wet we really couldn't sit and sketch! So he kiddos sketched from inside!

It probably had 20 leaves by this Friday. 

I'm totally sick of all the nasty attack ads in this political campaign, but it's a good excuse for a game! Click the above image to see Common and Proper Nouns with an Election Theme.

Click this image for a related freebie: Common and Proper Noun Election Freebie

I'll be starting my unit on good health habits.i've done a lot of research, and put it all into this booklet. I've had health issues of my own, and have to work hard to stay healthy.

With all the stuff that' going around, it's definitely time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Fun Art Project

After reading a great information book by one of my favorite non-fiction authors, I wanted to do a fun art project to help the children remember what they learned!

Click the image for a link to Amazon.

I'm not a fan of "cookie cutter" art projects that all look alike. I like to give the children an opportunity to be creative and make something unique. 

We started by making a night scene with crayons.

Then we added a watercolor wash.

The kids loved how the crayons came through the watercolor!

It's amazing the effect paint has on a class of kids.  Suddenly all chatting stops and they are totally engrossed in what they're doing.

Of course, some classical music in the background inspires the creativity!

Now, please tell me why aren't I bring out the paints more often?
I was tempted to give them a pattern to follow for the bats, but when I looked at photos of bats in the night sky, you really couldn't make out a specific shape. I gave each child a piece of black construction paper and they developed their own technique for making the bats.

The results were spectacular!

Each child wrote a fact they remembered from the book, and these are displayed with the pictures. These kids are amazing!

I'm thinking I'll be reading this book real soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sneaking in a Little Curriculum with a Morning Greeting

We always start our day with a morning greeting. 

One at a time, the children shake hands and greet each other by name. Then they say something related to a given topic.

As we know, squeezing in enough time for everything is nearly impossible, so we squeeze in some learning any place we can! Time for social studies and science are especially strained, but we squeeze them in!
We all love starting our day with a morning greeting, and I usually try to squeeze in a learning concept while we greet each other. 

After a lesson on Columbus the day before, they were asked to state something they remember from the lesson.

After working on the 4 kinds of sentences, I had them tell statements about themselves one day, then ask each other questions on another day. Their questions were priceless! (Some of their answers were even more priceless!)

For a writing project this week, they had to tell why their school was great. (We'll be writing opinion stories!)

I read an information book about Bats, so the next day they had to tell a fact they remembered about Bats. It was amazing what they remembered!

It's never tough to think of a topic, 
we just think about what we've been learning! 

Of course, sometimes we just have a fun question. 
Today we shared our favorite kind of ice cream!

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