Friday, January 30, 2015

A Snowy, Crazy Week!

Last week was a bit crazy with a day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day off for Professional Training, and a field trip on Friday.

This week, our goal was to finish up January's testing, and get the kids back on a normal schedule.

That didn't happen!

By Monday afternoon, they'd already announced there wouldn't be any school Tuesday because of the snow predicted.  I went home Monday night and settled in.  With the weather report, we knew they'd be a chance of Wednesday off as well.

The above picture is the view when I opened my front door. The left picture was taken at 9:00 AM. The right picture was taken at 4:00 PM. It continued to snow until about 4 am the next morning.  The total snow in our area came to about 28-29 inches. 

Yep, we had Wednesday off, too! 

I spent my two days off getting ready for February!  I was creating and upgrading a few products: Groundhog Day and Super Football Math Story Problems was updated. I finished up Science and Social Studies for February and created Valentine's Day No Prep Printables - Literacy and Math.  Follow the links to check these out!

After 2 snow days, I was amazed that the kiddos remembered to wear their PJs and bring their stuffed animals for our scheduled Spirit Day.  This is always a favorite of all the spirit days.  I felt a little guilty, since I spent most of both snow days in jammies, and here I am in my jammies again.

Seriously, I sleep in t-shirts.  I actually bought those pajamas to wear at school. I'd be far too hot sleeping in flannel pajamas! Plus, I can't stand anything on my legs in bed!

To make it worse, I hadn't worn those pajamas since the last PJ day, and I had to iron them! It just seemed so wrong to iron pajamas!
In honor of this weekend's Super Bowl, our wonderful Sunshine Committee gave us a "Soup-er Bowl" for lunch!  Yes there were crock pots filled with yummy soups, along with bread and several desserts.  Perfect for a snowy day.

Yes, it snowed again today, and we have a forecast of snow for Monday as well.  

Why do I live in New England?

We can complain about New England weather, but we can't complain about New England sports! Our beloved Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, so we all wore our Patriots Swag on Friday.

I wore my comfy oversized Patriots sweatshirt. (Yes, after 3 days of pajamas!) I planned to bring this hat, but for some reason, leaving it right in front of the door wasn't enough incentive for me to remember to bring it to school. It was still in front of the door when I got home tonight.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

I know not everyone loves the Patriots, but I'm from New England and we're known to be loyal to our sports teams, so....

Go Patriots!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Science and Social Studies for February

Do you find it difficult to fit everything in?

I sure do!  The toughest things to fit in are Science and Social Studies.

Once we're done with reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, grammar, and math, there's no time left for these two subjects! 

The really sad part is that these are typically the most popular subjects, and the ones where everyone can have success!

I've been working at making it easier to squeeze these fun subjects in, and came up with this: 

It's got printables to make your life easier, yet it still provides learning opportunities in Science and Social Studies, along with February themes!

For Super Bowl Sunday, it's got a science exploration that includes rolling balls down a ramp, predictions and revisions.

For Groundhog Day, there's a nonfiction science text and questions about groundhogs, and a "hibernating animal" classification.

For Valentine's Day, there's a fact sheet about the heart, and an exploration on exercise and heart rate.

For President's Day, there's a nonfiction text and questions about Abraham Lincoln, a timeline on Abraham Lincoln's life, and a mapping activity identifying states in which presidents were born.

I hope this makes your life easier, and a little more fun for your kiddos!  You can see this product HERE.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Another Five for Friday

It's another Five for Friday!  

I'll be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from my week!  Here we go!
We've been finishing up our study of Martin Luther King Jr. We've read stories, watched movies, and even done oral reports! This week we worked on maps (above) and timelines (below). This is the first time I've had the kiddos do any work with the maps, and they had a blast! 

The timelines and maps came from THIS set: 

Besides a Professional Training Day (Guided Reading), Halfway Day (Thursday was Day 90) and finishing my running records, we had a field trip today to an Art Museum!

The whole second and third grade teams from my school went to THIS museum today. The first hour we were there consisted of a guided tour by trained docents. The children were given a chance to explore several pieces of art, and talked about how they felt about each piece.  I was absolutely thrilled with the stories they came up with and what they noticed about the pieces of art.  They liked many, didn't like some, and learned a lot! Unfortunately, there were many pieces of art they didn't have time to examine, and they were dying to look at them! Luckily, they can always return to the museum with their families.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures during the tour part of the trip, but I got a bunch back in the work room where the children made their own creations!

Yes, we did manage to get all those fabulous sculptures back to school on the bus!

Guess what we did when we got back to school!

After a busy field trip, we had an extra long recess when we got back, then we had some time to relax and read back in the classroom. Several wanted to read the maps!  I was loving the conversations:  "I found Italy!" "I found Madagascar!" "I found Cuba!" Aren't maps fascinating?

And in case you didn't realize, the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl, and I made a freebie:  

You can download your freebie HERE:
No, you don't need to be a Patriots fan to enjoy this... and yes, there's a map!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Super Bowl 2015!

Our New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!!!

What's the first thing I've done since the Patriots won the AFC?

No, I didn't make plans to go to Disney World, but I did make a freebie! There's a map, 8 task cards, and 4 kinds of paper: 2 for each team.

Grab your freebie HERE!

Here are some football/ Super Bowl books I've found that the kids will absolutely love!  (Click each image for a link to Amazon for more information.)

I have a lot of sports related games, and several of them feature football. Here are a few:

My students LOVE Football Past and Present Verbs. Once they get the hang of the "Old Maid" card game, they're very funny trying to avoid the "Penalty" card.  They also get to practice several football related verbs!

Four Football Themed Games offers quite a variety of activities!  There are two math counting games (three digit before or after), and practice with short or long vowel words.  The game board is a big hit in my classroom!

Here's a freebie version of the above game:

Touchdown R-Controlled Vowels is one of my bestsellers. It's a Bingo game designed to practice r-controlled vowel words.  My students love this one!  I can be played with just a couple of players, or a whole reading group!

The above game has a "Math Twin"!  It's also called Touchdown, and it practices adding and subtracting 10 or 100 mentally.

I also have some math story problems with a Super Bowl theme... and a Groundhog theme.  (Groundhog Day is the day after the Super Bowl!)  Check it out HERE.

Being a fan of the Super Bowl commercials, I'm thinking we may even do a little Persuasive Writing in the next couple of weeks!

Brain Research tells us that making a personal connection and making learning fun will increase learning.  I'm always looking for excuses to make learning fun!

Can you tell I love the Super Bowl?

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?

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