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The "Summer Games" are Complete!

The "Summer Games" are Complete! This is a review of a week's worth of Academic Olympics to end the school year, including a freebie!

I made it through the last week of school by celebrating the Academic Olympic Summer Games. (See THIS POST)

We had an exciting week, starting with our Opening Ceremonies!

We marched up and down each hallway with our flags and banners. The Olympic torch led the parade, and the American flag was at the end. (The USA was the "host country"!) Other countries include: Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, and Canada. (It just so happens I had flags to represent those countries, and a very old CD that has the National Anthems of each country, which was needed for the medal ceremonies! We came back to the classroom, read the Academic Summer Games Oath and Creed, and said that famous phrase: 
"Let the Games Begin!"

I wish you could see the pride in their faces!

We had many medal competitions during the week. Yes, medals were given daily for behavior, plus there were competitions in sight word reading, math facts, group scoot games, memory games, and brainstorming games. We recited the creed daily, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and our school's promise!
Olympics Creed
For a freebie copy of this, and a few other things, check out this resource: 
Olympics freebie

Their banners and some of their medals:
Academic Olympic Summer Games

France and Italy!
Academic Olympic Summer Games

Japan and Mexico!
Academic Olympic Summer Games

Honestly, there were double this many medals by the Closing Ceremony!

I think everyone's favorite part was when we had medal ceremonies, which was a lot!


Yes, I actually let the kiddos stand on desks!
Again, I wish you could see the pride in their faces!

Finally, it was time to "sail home", from the U.S.A. back to Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, and Canada! The children made ships from milk cartons and various "S.T.E.M." materials and set sail.
Sailing Home

I confess, I didn't get any pictures of the real ships they decorated. This photo was from a Summer Themed Week we had a few years ago, that you can read about HERE. Their ships were far more colorful and elaborate! I couldn't be prouder!


  1. What an amazing week! Your kiddos are lucky to have you.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I'm lucky to have them, too!


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