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Looking at November

I'm looking at the calendar, and I just can't believe we're approaching November already!

There's a lot going on in November, but no need to fear, I've got your teaching needs covered!
November Resources: Suggestions for resources for Election Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Election Day is November 8th!

I'm sure I'll be having the kiddos vote for something, but they won't be voting for president... far too controversial!

Here's a little practice matching proper nouns with common nouns, with an Election Day theme. Click the image for the link.

Here's a freebie version of the same activity:

Veteran's Day is November 11th! 

Here's a fun activity to help the children understand what a Veteran really is! This will spark some great conversations! Click the image for the link!

Once they figure out what Veterans are, they can write thank you notes to Veterans using this freebie! Click the image for the link.

Since Election Day and Veterans Day are both Patriotic holidays, enjoy these Patriotic Brain Breaks! Click the image for the link to this freebie!

Of course, everyone's favorite November holiday is Thanksgiving! Check out these Printables!

And here's a freebie selection from the above resource:

Here's a math game to practice +9s!

And guess what... there's a freebie version!

Just one more: The Thanksgiving Story: an informational text for children to illustrate. This has a primary level recount of the Pilgrims from all those years ago. The children can visualize the story, then draw their images. Click the image for the link!

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