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Camping Theme Week

I've been having another great week with my students! We are celebrating camping this week, and it's been grand fun!
Camping Theme Week! Here are some ideas for turning your classroom into a camping area, and make learning and reviewing skills fun!

As with any unit of study, I start with plenty of good literature:


I happen to own some camping gear, so I brought that in to show the kids. I also encouraged the children to bring in flashlights and sleeping bags. They are having a blast during reading time. They crawl right into the sleeping bags and read with their flashlights. Don't you love working with kids with imaginations?

Another thing I found in my cellar: one of these little tents from when my daughter was little.  (Yes, I know, I really need to clean out the little kid toys from my cellar, she's 20!)

It's super easy to set up, and the kids absolutely love it! It set the scene for our camping theme, and it a great place for reading or playing a learning game!

Of course, most of our classwork at this point is review work, so we're working on writing camping stories, squeezing in camping ideas in math, reading, and even science and social studies!  We're learning camping safety and loads about the animals in the woods!

Here's one of my most recent products, the Buggy Syllables game, which my students absolutely love!  I love it because it's great practice for decoding multiple syllable words! Click image to see more.


The above products is included in my Camping Learning Bundle! I'm real proud of this one! It has a ton of activities to practice literacy and math skills, and since it has the camping theme, it makes everything more fun!


Looking for digital resources? Here are a few camping themed Boom Learning cards for some fun review!


And last, but not least, here's a nice warm fire for roasting marshmallows!

Yep, the kids love this!  

See THIS POST for more pictures of Camping Week!

Do you have any other great camping ideas?

Camping Theme Week! Here are some ideas for turning your classroom into a camping area, and make learning and reviewing skills fun!


  1. What a great idea for the last week of school. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great idea! My boys love camping stuff. I might grab a few of these books for the summer. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Very nice sharing about camping. I enjoy your article and fantastic post pics. I am a tourist and I just come back from new York city bus tours. It’s a really impressed and memorable time period for me like you. Good blog.

  4. A camping unit sounds like so much fun, especially before summer vacation! Thanks for sharing this freebie!

    Love to Learn

  5. I did a camping theme in my classroom one year and this post makes me miss it! I think I might bring back some camping activities for the end of the year - thanks for the inspiration and freebie!

    1. Gladly! The camping week was so much fun, they didn't even know they were learning and practicing skills!



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