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Music for the Classroom

Brain research teaches us that music helps make connections in the brain.

Music for the Classroom: Here are some suggestions for music to play in the elementary classroom, and some reasons to play different kinds of music.

I play music in my classroom all the time.  Sometimes I play slow, classical music to help the children focus.  Other times, I play upbeat music to get the children involved.  I also play seasonal music to help the children "feel the season".  Here are some of my favorites:

Music for Concentration is one of my staples.  It's magical background music for when the children are a little too chatty and a little less focused.  I turn on this CD and they settle in and get going on their work!  This series has several titles, and my goal is to own them all.  I haven't tried one that didn't keep up with its promises!  Here are a few others in the series:
I have these except the Music for Thinking, which is on my wishlist.
I also play a good deal of upbeat music, particularly when the children arrive in the morning. It gives them the feel that the classroom is a happy place. 

Of course, kids aren't limited to music designed for kids.  They get a kick out of some timeless music. Try playing music from your childhood. Or even your grandparent's childhood!

Then of course, here are a couple of my personal favorites:  

And to think I haven't even mentioned showtunes! (My very favorite music!)

Here are some previous posts with suggestions for certain holidays:

St. Patrick's Day

Cinco de Mayo
Any Patriotic Holiday

I'm always looking for new resources. 

What music do you listen to in your classroom?

Music for the Classroom: Here are some suggestions for music to play in the elementary classroom, and some reasons to play different kinds of music.


  1. I play music nonstop from the moment the students walk in the door! I'm hooked on Rock-a-bye Baby right now... It's lullaby versions of famous rock music. It's soothing, no words music that keeps my firsts calm and always makes me smile when a little Madonna comes on, or when "Dude looks like a lady" starts playing! Fun stuff, highly recommend it!

    Mr. First Grade

  2. Great post! I usually use slow music for silent reading - after a while just hearing the first few notes gets them settled and reading quietly without a word from me. Music is powerful! My husband teaches music and will appreciate these suggestions! Thanks Sally!
    Whimsy Workshop

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I am always looking for good music. My class has the entire CD we listen to everyday memorized... which is probably counter-productive! Can't wait to grab some of these and change it up some for next year!

    Koonce’s Korner

  4. My 6th graders moan when I put on classical music, but they sure get upset when I turn it off! I think it's just too "cool" to like that type of music. I've tried some jazz with them, too. They laugh, but I think again deep down they enjoy it. I have to be careful with anything with words, so I try to stick to these two genres, though I've brought in some Disney soundtracks. The students do say they feel like babies when I put those on.

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