Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top O' the Morning to You!

Top O' the Morning
Today was "Green and Gold" day at my school, and my kids, as usual, were awesome!
Irish, green
I thought they were great! Many of them grabbed something green to hold for the picture... many found flags, beanies, and even math manipulatives!  Yes, that's me with the strange headpiece and bright gold socks.  Although you can't really see them, I also wore shamrock earrings that lit up.  Unfortunately, I had to go someplace important after school, and still had those socks on. The things we do for kids!

One kid actually said to me...
 "It's hard to take you seriously when you're dressed like that!"  She's precious.

We did have a very Irish kind of day!  Of course I broke into my Irish accent every chance I got. 
I had the kids watch this video to give them a taste of Irish dancing.  They were totally amazed, and even starting moving their feet to the music.  Each time the video advanced to a new part of the dance, they reacted in awe, and even applauded when it was done!

Later on, I showed them THIS VIDEO.  (For some reason Youtube won't let me embed this one, but the link will take you there!)  It's a nice combination of traditional Irish music, and photographs of Ireland.  The kids just couldn't keep quiet during this one!  They just kept talking about how beautiful Ireland is and how much they want to go there!  That kind of "chit chat" I definitely don't have a problem with, in fact, it proves I met my goal:  to give them a taste of what Ireland is like!  I told them when I win the lottery, I'd take them on a field trip to Ireland.

They really loved the Irish Music.  I might just have to pick up a CD of Irish music for the classroom!
            During writing, I used THIS FREEBIE to have the kids do some Opinion Writing.  They had to write about whether or not they believed in Leprechauns, and give evidence as to WHY they believed or not.  Well, it just so happens that they are ALL believers, and they gave some pretty cool evidence as to why they believe.  In fact, they were absolutely convinced they would have a visit from a leprechaun.  I hope they're not disappointed if it doesn't happen!  

I'm not going to be in school tomorrow (Common Core Training) so I left THIS FREEBIE for the substitute to do during Math time.  Happy St. Patrick's Week!

One last note:  This has absolutely nothing to do with teaching or education, but I found this website today that was incredibly cool, that I just had to share!  It's called The 20 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever.  Check it out HERE!


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Makes you pause for a moment and appreciate the world we live in. Thanks for the reminder!

    Super fun St. Patty's stuff! Bet your kiddos loved your accent ;)

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade


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