Science and Social Studies for February

Science and Social Studies for February: This resource helps you find time for Science and Social Studies by including Groundhog Day, hibernating animals, Valentines Day, Super Bowl, and Presidents Day into "easy to prepare" lessons!

Do you find it difficult to fit everything in?

I sure do!  The toughest things to fit in are Science and Social Studies.

Once we're done with reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, grammar, and math, there's no time left for these two subjects! 

The really sad part is that these are typically the most popular subjects, and the ones where everyone can have success!

I've been working at making it easier to squeeze these fun subjects in, and came up with this: 

It's got printables to make your life easier, yet it still provides learning opportunities in Science and Social Studies, along with February themes!

For Super Bowl Sunday, it's got a science exploration that includes rolling balls down a ramp, predictions and revisions.

For Groundhog Day, there's a nonfiction science text and questions about groundhogs, and a "hibernating animal" classification.

For Valentine's Day, there's a fact sheet about the heart, and an exploration on exercise and heart rate.

For President's Day, there's a nonfiction text and questions about Abraham Lincoln, a timeline on Abraham Lincoln's life, and a mapping activity identifying states in which presidents were born.

I hope this makes your life easier, and a little more fun for your kiddos!  You can see this product HERE.

Super Bowl!

Super Bowl! If you know some Super Bowl fans, here are some great way to get them learning, including 2 freebies!

The decisions have been made, and we know which teams are going to the Super Bowl!

 I made a freebie! There's a map, 8 task cards, and 2 kinds of paper: 1 for each team.

Grab your freebie HERE!

Here are some football/ Super Bowl books I've found that the kids will absolutely love!  (Click each image for a link to Amazon for more information.)

I have a lot of sports related games, and several of them feature football. Here are a few:

My students LOVE Football Past and Present Verbs. Once they get the hang of the "Old Maid" card game, they're very funny trying to avoid the "Penalty" card.  They also get to practice several football related verbs!

Four Football Themed Games offers quite a variety of activities!  There are two math counting games (three digit before or after), and practice with short or long vowel words.  The game board is a big hit in my classroom!

Here's a freebie version of the above game:

Touchdown R-Controlled Vowels is one of my bestsellers. It's a Bingo game designed to practice r-controlled vowel words.  My students love this one!  I can be played with just a couple of players, or a whole reading group!

The above game has a "Math Twin"!  It's also called Touchdown, and it practices adding and subtracting 10 or 100 mentally.


I also have some math story problems with a Super Bowl theme... and a Groundhog theme.  (Groundhog Day is a week before the Super Bowl!)  Check it out HERE.

Being a fan of the Super Bowl commercials, I'm thinking we may even do a little Persuasive Writing in the next couple of weeks!

Brain Research tells us that making a personal connection and making learning fun will increase learning.  I'm always looking for excuses to make learning fun!

Can you tell I love the Super Bowl?

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?

Give 'em a Shout Out!

Give 'em a Shout Out! This post gives ideas on pointing out those little things that kids do right, and deserve attention for it!

Do you have kids that do things well, and deserve attention for it? 
Do you have things you're looking for in the kids' work, that you want to emphasize?
Do you want to draw attention to clever ideas?
Looking for ideas to give feedback to students?

This bright idea is about giving "Shout Outs" when the students have a success!

At the end of my Morning Meeting, I take a few minutes to give "Shout Outs" to individual students.  I've been doing this for years, and the kiddos love it!

I usually have some paperwork the children have done, and I'll draw attention to something specific that child did that I'm hoping more kids will do. Some examples:  showing their work in Math, extra effort, good handwriting, using complete sentences to answer questions, or just great answers to questions.  Sometimes I'll just read a list of names of kids I noticed were working hard on their own.

My kids tend to be hams (just like their teacher) and are encouraged to take a bow when they're announced.  The other kids cheer and applaud.  (I'll bet you know plenty of kids who deserve applause!)

After I've given a "Shout out" for certain behaviors, I find the whole group makes an effort to improve in that area.

This little guy remembered to label his answer in Math!

This little one gave a delightful reason for her prediction!

These kiddos did a fabulous job on their homework, and earned the famous "Homework Award" Post its!

This little guy has made huge improvements in Math, and everyone needed to know!

Another great reason for a prediction. Aren't these kids great?

Give Shout outs a try! It just takes a few minutes, and it's a great way to give feedback and individual attention to a student that's deserving.  

They're all rather deserving, aren't they?

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It's Five for Friday!

It's not only Friday, but it's the Friday of a long weekend!

I'll be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

Here are 5 highlights from my week!

My kiddos completed THIS 2015 freebie (from Rachel Lamb), and needed the opportunity to use glitter. (This was last Friday, after 5 days of indoor recess.)  We finally got the finished products mounted and on the wall. Unfortunately these photos don't quite capture how sparkly and pretty they turned out!

 We've been working on Thank you cards since we got back from Christmas vacation.  (Well, we've been working on a lot of other stuff too, like mid year testing!)
I used THESE Thank You cards, and my kids just loved writing them! Plus, they love decorating them, and especially loved receiving them!

After 8 days of indoor recess, we FINALLY got to send the kids outside to recess on Thursday and Friday.  Boy, did they need to get outside!  They'd been real good sports about being stuck inside, and I pull out all the good stuff they usually can't use when they're stuck inside, but they needed to breath real air, run around, and PLAY!  They were in such better spirits by Thursday afternoon!

I really love the sound of snowpants swishing as they walk down the hall! :)

We've studied all about Martin Luther King's life, and how he chose peaceful protests rather than violence. By Friday afternoon, they were ready for a craft.  I ran off the earth pictures on blue paper so that the ocean was blue.  They traced their hands on different colored construction paper and decided how they wanted to show Dr. King's dream of peace between people of different colors. I purposely pulled out several shades of brown, orange, yellow and pink to represent the many different skin colors.  I was very pleased with how their projects came out!  (I'm not a fan of craft projects that look exactly alike, so I'm glad each one showed their own personal flair!)

My blogging friend Celeste from The Education Highway is having an awesome giveaway! Be sure to check out her 5 different prize packs, especially #4 which has my Mental Math 100just in time for Day 100

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