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January Resources

I'm dreading going back. I've enjoyed my morning ritual of having a cup of coffee, watching TV, and browsing Facebook and teacher blogs while in my jammies! I'll have to say good bye to all that when our vacation ends.
January Resources: books, videos, and resources for teachers for the month of January including winter, science, social studies, and Martin Luther King Jr.

But the good news is: I get to see the kids again! Plus, there's a lot of fun stuff that can be done in January! (Well, besides testing and Progress Reports!)

First of all, it's winter. Now I've never been crazy about the snow or the cold, but the kiddos love playing in the snow, and I love their enthusiasm. Therefore, I look for opportunities to include winter themes in my classroom. Let's start with books! (Each image is a link to Amazon for more information!)

Here are a couple of fun resources to help the kids practice the basics in a fun way.
HERE is a link to the winter video on Brain Pop Jr. Don't you love the way they put sophisticated concepts into language the children can understand?

Besides winter, there are a couple of days that are important. We have a day off for Martin Luther King Jr. In a couple of weeks. Besides making sure the kids know why we have the day off, I think Dr. King was an amazing man. I always spend some time talking about Dr. King, and love the innocent passion I always get from the kids each year. "They couldn't use the same bathroom? That's...just...so...wrong!" They are amazing!
HERE's a link to the Brain Pop Martin Luther King Free movie! 

A lesser known holiday: Friday January 9th is National Static Electricity Day. It's handy that it lands when the air is so dry, since it gives us plenty of opportunities to explore static electricity! (I suspect that was intentional, but I know nothing about how National Static Electricity Day came to be!)

Speaking of electricity, did you realize Ben Franklin's birthday is January 17th? Now he's an interesting guy! 

I love all the little holidays.  Brain research tells us that children need novelty to learn. Well, all these little days are a great way to bring novelty into the classroom! See this resource for more of these fun little holidays! Click here: School Days are Fun Days Calendar of Fun 2021.

Don't forget...
January Resources: books, videos, and resources for teachers for the month of January including winter, science, social studies, and Martin Luther King Jr.

If you enjoy celebrating individual days, you'll love January Morning Meeting Greeting Activities! I'm trying to make your life easier by writing your morning letters for you. Each day includes the full date, something to celebrate on that date, and questions designed to get the children thinking! These can be used for discussions or writing prompts, and can be used occasionally or as a daily morning routine. Plus, they will be updated each year!

Here's another look at the individual pages!


You may also be interested in this creation: Science and Social Studies Printables for January. There are activities for winter, Ben Franklin, static electricity, Martin Luther King Jr., mapping, and making timelines. See the image below for the link. (Be sure to download the preview for more details!)


I've also put several January items into a bundle that has pretty much everything you'll need for those first few weeks back! 

This image gives you some ideas about what's in it, but if you want a closer look, check out my preview here: January Bundle or see the image below.


Enjoy your January!

January Resources: books, videos, and resources for teachers for the month of January including winter, science, social studies, and Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. Those are some great books! Have a great time going back : )
    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I'm looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time! (6 am is going to come real early!)



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