Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Freebies!

Looking for some freebies for the month of January?  
I know where you can find some:  right here!
Thank you cards

January is a good time for Thank you cards! I like to start the year with a lesson on Thank you cards, and let the children write thank you cards to each other.  They love it!  

For more about the parts of a Thank You note, see THIS POST.

We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. in January.  This is one of my favorite freebies.  It really gets the kids thinking. It's an opportunity for children to decide on the fairness of decision in their lives.  I've heard some very passionate conversations when we work on the Just or Unjust activity!
Just or Unjust

For more resources to teach about Martin Luther King Jr. see THIS POST.
Day 90

Many people are getting ready to celebrate Day 100, but we have another month before that happens. However, I do think Day 90 is a great opportunity to celebrate my favorite fraction!  Halfway Day includes a couple of fractions to practice 1/2, and some badges for the children to wear to celebrate 1/2 way through the school year!

I've been working on a series of Printables for the Sub Tub.  I've made them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Winter so far.  My next one will be featuring the Winter Olympics!  Here's a sampling of Printables for the Sub Tub:  Winter Freebies!
Winter activities for second grade

 Looking for more freebies?  I've got plenty on my January Pinterest Board!

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