Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

Martin Luther King Jr. Resources: This great man represented solving conflicts in a peaceful manner. Here are several books and video suggestions to help your students learn about Dr. King.
I love teaching my students about Martin Luther King Jr.  He was an incredible man, and stood for peace.  Although I'm giving away my age, I remember when he was shot.  I was a little too young to understand the impact at the time. (I was far more interested in the boys than the politics of the day.) Today I can't watch his speech without tears rushing down my face.  It disturbs me to think that a man who worked so hard for non-violence was killed in such a violent way.

I find literature to be a valuable part of my teaching.  I've read many books about Dr. King, and they always keep the children engaged.  He was clearly a powerful man.  Here are some good ones: (Each image is a link to Amazon.)

Click each image for a link to Amazon to learn more about that book!

A video also grabs the attention of the children.  Check out this one from Brain Pop.

Or this one from YouTube:

Although his speech is kind of long for the little ones, this is the last part of that famous speech, and it's worth showing at least part of it to the children.  This video from Youtube is the last part of his speech, and I think the children will understand Dr. King's passion:

Dr.  King taught the world about peace.  Here are some children's books that help with the concept of peace. 

I also recommend this video:
It certainly tells the story of peace that I want children to learn, and I suspect it's the peaceful world Dr. King dreamed of.  Plus, the lyrics are right on the screen for the kids to sing along... over and over!

Finally, here's one my own products - it's a freebie sorting activity that's sure to get the kids talking! And their conversations defending their opinions are amazing! Click the image for the activity Just or Unjust?

Speaking of activities, I have a couple of MLK activities in THIS resource:
It includes a close read about Dr. King.
A mapping activity, based on important places in Dr. King's life.

And making timelines based on Dr. King's life.

Click any of the images above to see Science and Social Studies Printables for January! (There is other fun stuff in there, too!)

I'd love to see your ideas for MLK too!


  1. Love your resources, Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks, Katie!

    I'm glad to share!


  3. Aww the song video doesn't exist. :(

  4. Will be using your Just and Unjust cards.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Thanks for posting these! I'm currently sitting with a pencil in my hand planning my MLK unit! Perfect timing!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

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    1. Thanks, Amy! What a great post with tons of great resources!


  7. Thanks for all the great resources. I'll be using these!



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