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Baseball Fun and Learning!

I'm so excited that baseball season is finally here! Baseball means spring! 

After a tough winter, anything that means spring is OK by me!
Baseball Fun! Books, activities, and resources to keep your sports fans engaged in learning!
I've been doing a lot of baseball reading this week, in honor of the opening of baseball season. Here are some favorites: 

Baseball and April brings another opportunity: It's National Poetry month! What a great opportunity to write Diamantes!

Why Diamantes?  Because they are shaped like diamonds! (Get it? baseball diamonds?)

To add to the fun, I've found a great website where the kids can make their own diamantes online! (HERE!) 

Or check out this resource, with plenty of examples and options!

Speaking of shapes... a baseball diamond could be called a square or a rhombus, but did you realize home plate is shaped like a pentagon?

Have you noticed, when we connect learning to sports, all those little boys perk up?  (Many of the little girls do, too!)

I have a resource I'm VERY excited about called Baseball Geography

These are all task cards based on the locations of major league baseball teams! I had such a blast putting this together, and so far my students can't get enough! Plus, they're really getting to know the locations on the US maps!

Here are a couple of other baseball themed games I've got:

Baseball Antonyms combines a couple of popular games with antonym practice. 

Plus, I have a couple of BINGO games with a baseball theme:


Home Run Two Digit Addition gives the children practice adding 2 two digit numbers, along with a little strategy. 

Home Run Two Syllable Words is a similar BINGO game, but this one gives the children practice reading two syllable words. 

The students LOVE these BINGO games! 

Come to think of it, they love anytime I combine learning with sports!

How do you include sports in the learning process?

Baseball Fun! Books, activities, and resources to keep your sports fans engaged in learning!
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