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Holiday Magic!

The holidays will be here before you know it! 

I've been putting my holiday resources in order, and here are a few that will keep the kiddos engaged, along with some fun learning as well! (Just like magic!)
Holiday magic: This blog post contains ideas for fun and engaging activities designed for learning!
Here's one of my favorite collections: Science and Social Studies Printables for December!


This has all sorts of Science and Social Studies activities! It's got close reads on the aurora borealis and the north pole, a mapping activity about the North Pole, classifying animals by habitats, science activities on holiday scents and the effect of marshmallows on hot chocolate, and there's even a civics activity on elf laws!

Here's a great way to start each day with the children thinking!

These Morning Meeting Greeting Questions can be displayed each morning for discussion,  or printed for written responses. Every day has a totally different question, based on the calendar and unusual national holidays!

The kiddos won't even know they're having learning experiences, they'll be having so much fun!

Holiday No Prep Printables has loads of Math and Literacy activities that are just perfect for those few days just before the holidays, when you're trying to keep them focused, but all they want to do is talk about the upcoming holidays! This collection will perform its holiday magic on the kiddos!


Drawing Holiday Conclusions is a favorite of my students! These task cards can be used as a center, as part of a Scoot game, or as skill practice in a reading group. This is always a hit!

Finally, one of my favorite freebies! This resource is totally magical! The children LOVE to listen to the music of the Nutcracker and visualize the storyline. Their pictures are delightful, and it's always a peaceful time while they listen and illustrate. (Sh... don't tell them they are practicing important reading skills like visualizing and sequencing a story!)


I hope these resources bring some magic to your holiday season!

Holiday magic: This blog post contains ideas for fun and engaging activities designed for learning!

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