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What I Learned on my First Day This Year

Well, I survived and made it through the first day.  My classroom is put together, I made it through Open House and 2 days of teacher meetings. 

Here's what I learned about my students:  I've learned they like to talk, except of course, when I ask them to talk. 

I learned they like to repeat my name over and over and over.

I learned they love to listen to stories, and ask lots of questions that show good predicting skills.  (I read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.  Who doesn't love that?)

I learned when the story gets long, the children get restless. I learned that some of the children don't follow directions until they have eye contact.

I learned that the children believe me when I tell them they're the best class in the school.  I learned they enjoy each other and care about helping each other. 

I learned they want to do well, and need to be told they're doing well.  I learned they love having a beanie baby on their desk.  They really love trying to earn a second beanie baby for their desk, and even a third.

I learned they get tired by the end of the day, just like their teacher.

In a way, they're like most other kids I've had.  In other ways, they're like no class I've ever met before. 

I learned this is going to be another year that I love my job.

What has your class taught you?
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