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Top O' the Morning! St. Patrick's Day Resources

Do you have the luck of the Irish? 

St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it, and here are some resources to get you ready!

Top O' the Morning! St. Patrick's Day Resources: Here are videos, books, ideas, and resources to help your students learn about the Irish.

Here are a couple of videos to help your students learn about Ireland!

And, of course, a nice sample of one of those things Ireland is famous for: Irish Step Dancing!

Check these discounted resources out! (They're two-dollar treats!)
Explore this image for a link to this popular resource!

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This bundle contains the above resources, plus a few other resources at a HUGE discount!

Explore this image to learn more about this money saving resource.

St. Patrick's Day Learning Activities Bundle

I always make sure the children recognize the Irish Flag.
And listen to Irish music.

And, of course, books!

And books by some favorite authors:

I'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Week right after Read Across America Week!  I  just can't spend a day on any of these fabulous holidays! There is too much fun learning to be had!

How do you enjoy these March holidays with your students?

Top O' the Morning! St. Patrick's Day Resources: Here are videos, books, ideas, and resources to help your students learn about the Irish.

I'm Ready for March! Are you?

Somehow it got to be March already! How did that happen? 

I'm ready for March, are you? Ideas and resources to get you going for the month of March in the primary classroom.

March includes plenty of activity, including Read Across America Day, St. Patrick's Day, the return of Daylight Saving Time, maple syrup season, and the first day of spring!

It just so happens I have a couple of resources to help you out with these special days! Check out Social Studies and Science for March
Explore this image for a link to this helpful resource.

Explore this image for a link to this valuable resource.

Looking for more ideas for March?

Here are a few links for you!

Explore this image for a link to this blog post.

Celebrate the King of Nonsense: Links for celebrating Dr. Seuss!

Explore this image for a link to this helpful blog post.
Spring Resources: Videos, books, and resources for teaching about spring

How are you celebrating the month of March in the classroom?

I'm ready for March, are you? Ideas and resources to get you going for the month of March in the primary classroom.

Music in the Classroom

I play a lot of music for a lot of reasons. Sometimes I play "fun music", just to lift the spirits of my students. I find I need to do this a lot in the morning, since they come into the classroom sleepy. Fun music usually brings smiles to their faces, and that's a great way to start the day, isn't it? (Click any image for a link to Amazon.)

I have loads of collections of Party Music just for this purpose. I don't yet have these yet, but I'm looking to add them to my collection!

I also like to play quieter music, for those other times when they really need to concentrate on their work. I bought Music for Concentration years ago, and I play it often. Sometimes I even play it when the kids are gone, during my planning time. It really helps. This company has several others along the same lines, including Music for Productivity (Which I have, and love!). Music for Learning (which I want!), and Music for Thinking (which I also want!) 

 I also like to play music connected to what's going on in the world, or connected to what we're learning. 

Around every patriotic holiday, I play patriotic music. I have loads of great music for those days! 

When I was celebrating the Olympics, this CD came in handy. The children loved listening to the National Anthems of other countries. Of course, when our own national anthem played, we always stood up, no matter what we were doing! 

I play this around St. Patrick's Day. 

I play this around Cinco de Mayo. 

Music helps make a real connection to whatever children are learning.
What music do you play in your classroom?

St. Patrick's Day and Family Heritage

Believe it or not, this is my third post this week about St. Patrick's Day! I'm thinking I must really like St. Patrick's Day!

Well, I do! Can you tell by the way I dressed for school yesterday? (Pay close attention to the green toenails and the green sandals... in March!)

Well, I think the kids had a good time yesterday, and I think they learned something, too! We've spent a few days talking about how our country is made up of people from many other countries. (E Pluribus Unum means "one out of many"!) I was surprised to find that most of the children had no idea what countries their ancestors came from.

By the way, I'm Irish and Polish. My Dad's family came from Poland and my mother's family came from Ireland.  My students enjoyed hearing my family history. They loved hearing about how my grandmother left Poland at a young age, got on a boat, and came to America. They thought it was cool that the first thing she saw in America was probably the Statue of Liberty. Of course, as I was talking, I was showing them on the map where my family came from in Europe and how they crossed the Atlantic around the turn of last century before there were computers, Xbox or even many cars.

This is what my dad looked like when I was in high school!
My dad teased my mom about being Irish and teased the Irish in general. Ironically, exactly ten years ago today, he passed away on St. Patrick's Day. So this bittersweet memory is one of the other faces of St. Patrick's Day for me. But it's mostly about happy memories of my Dad.  My Dad was my hero. He was a very successful high school football coach. Not only did he win a lot, but he influenced a lot of high school boys in a very positive way. People still talk about him today, in fact, this fall, they named a street after my dad, down by the old football field where I grew up. See this post for details about that special day!

Besides talking about my family heritage, we watched videos of Irish dancing, listened to Irish music, wrote about leprechauns, played learning games with an Irish theme, and dressed in green. Oh yes, did I mention that I've been talking with an Irish accent for most of the week? (That theatrical background comes in handy in the classroom!)

We did have a little trouble with leprechauns. Somehow a leprechaun got in the classroom and changed the color of our morning letter. He also turned some of the desks around, and rearranged our class schedule. Apparently the leprechaun took the blame for a couple of other incidents I didn't even know about. We were grateful that the leprechaun stayed away from the bathroom this year, after all, last year he left glitter in the toilet. (The first grade teacher from that crew was thrilled to hear they remembered that!)

By the end of the week, one of my little ones told me that she was half Irish. She wasn't sure what the other side was. I'm still surprised that more children didn't know about their family history. Granted, after many generations, most of these children are a little bit of everything, but it's a great connection to history as well as learning about the map. (Brain research tells us that children remember better if they have a personal connection. What could be more personal than your family?)

What's your family heritage? Are you Irish, or only on St. Patrick's Day?
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