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Ten Seasonal Freebies

It's that time of year when the special days come one right after the other, and I'm getting ready!
Ten Seasonal Freebies! There are ten FREE resources to help keep learning happening in your primary classroom from mid-January through February!

I thought I'd give you a taste of several upcoming special Days!

Sometimes I think all these special days are the only things that get me (and the kids) through these New England winters! 
The Super Bowl is indeed coming up, which means many of our students will have football fever! 


Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (Thanks, Dr. King for all you did for peace as well as the day off!)  Here's a popular freebie to get the kids thinking about justice! See the image below for Just or Unjust!


Some of you have already passed the halfway point.  
For us it's tomorrow (if we have no snow days).  

Celebrate the concept of one half! Explore the image for the link to this freebie, or see here: Halfway Day!

Ten days later, we'll be celebrating the 100th day of school!  I have a little tradition I started years ago, I take my kiddos from class to class singing Day 100 songs.  Here's a link  for one of my songs: 100 Days Smarter!


Another Day 100 treat, a math game for active kiddos!  
Here's a link to this freebie:  Beanie Toss to 100!


That groundhog will be peaking out of his burrow in just a couple of weeks! (I sure hope spring comes early, I've had enough!) Check out the link here:  Groundhog Consonant - l-e Sort!


I often begin doing research projects with my students mid-year. The ABC book is a great way to present the information! ABC Booklet


Pretty soon, we'll be celebrating our presidents! Here's a fun one: Presidents Day Mini Books Freebie!


Here's another way to celebrate our presidents! See the image below for President Writing Prompts

And, of course, Valentine's Day is less than a month away, and the kids are getting excited about that too!  Valentine's Day Mini-Books


Wow, we have some busy days ahead of us!  I hope these 10 freebies help you through!

Ten Seasonal Freebies! There are ten FREE resources to help keep learning happening in your primary classroom from mid-January through February!

January Freebies!

Looking for some freebies for the month of January?  

I know where you can find some: right here!

January Freebies!  Here are five different freebies that can be used in your elementary classroom during the month of January!

January is a good time for Thank you cards! I like to start the year with a lesson on Thank you cards, and let the children write thank you cards to each other.  They love it!


For more about the parts of a Thank You note, see THIS POST.

We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. in January.  This is one of my favorite freebies.  It really gets the kids thinking. It's an opportunity for children to decide on the fairness of decision in their lives.  I've heard some very passionate conversations when we work on the Just or Unjust activity!


For more resources to teach about Martin Luther King Jr. see THIS POST.


Many people are getting ready to celebrate Day 100, but we have another month before that happens. However, I do think Day 90 is a great opportunity to celebrate my favorite fraction! Halfway Day includes a couple of fractions to practice 1/2, and some badges for the children to wear to celebrate 1/2 way through the school year!

I've been working on a series of No Prep Printables. These are perfect for when you need something quickly, but want a valid learning activity which will engage the children.  Here's a sampling of Winter No Prep Activities!


January is a great time of year to decide to be happy, and you can help your students by encouraging them to be grateful! You can learn more about these Gratitude Journal Labels in this blog post: Five Finger Gratitude!


Enjoy your January, and give those kiddos an extra happy greeting back from vacation!

January Freebies!  Here are five different freebies that can be used in your elementary classroom during the month of January!

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