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Keep Them Healthy and Learning

It's that time of year! 

There are plenty of germs around, and it's likely they're sneezing on each other, as well as their teachers!

Keeping them healthy and learning: This blog post has suggestions and resources to help both teachers and parents during the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, and time away from school.

Typically, my blog posts are directed at teachers, but this one is for teachers, parents, and caregivers. 

If you're home with little ones, or if you're sending work home to little ones, this is a great time to teach them about looking out for germs and protecting themselves. Here are some great books: 

And some great videos for them to watch... the key is handwashing: do it right and do it often!



Some other suggestions if you have kiddos home for an extended time:

1. Establish a schedule! Set aside a time for reading, writing, educational games, and even a little screen time.

 2.  Make sure they get outside to play! That fresh air is more important than ever!

3. Social time! Although we're trying to keep them away from each other, let them FaceTime their friends. Humans are social animals, and they need each other. Social distancing can lead to loneliness. 

4. Family time! Hopefully, there's time to enjoy each other. Board games and puzzles are perfect ways to have family fun. If you're adventurous, do some baking with the kiddos, or even some crafts!

5. Be sensitive to their worries! It's a good idea to see this time as an "adventure," but understand that they really do know why this is happening, and may have worries and anxiety over the situation. Let them talk about their feelings, but try to help keep them from dwelling on their negative feelings

6. Address your own concerns as well! I don't think any of us have ever experienced a pandemic quite like this before! Luckily, we have the internet to keep us from becoming socially isolated. Try to follow the same expectations we have for the kiddos: avoid too much screen time, stay active, stay social as much as you can, and don't dwell on the "what ifs."  

7. Check in on others! This is a hard time for all of us. Think of the elderly, and those with physical limitations. Reach out to working parents who are struggling to find child care. Help out those families who won't be fed breakfast and lunch at school for a few weeks. Many people are suffering financial loss at this time. How can we help them?

 A few other resources to share to keep children learning:

This is one of my newer Boom Learning resources that I've set for free because of the need for online learning during the Coronavirus crisis.  Enjoy!  Healthy Habits Digital Task Cards 


 If you enjoy the Boom Learning platform, here is a link to more Boom Learning Resources.

 I've also set this resource for free during this crisis. Let's keep these kiddos thinking about staying healthy! 

Healthy Habits: a booklet for visualization, illustration, and discussion

I also have a several resources that are free, that can be sent home for fun work! See these resources HERE: Free Resources

I also wanted to let you know my TpT store will be on sale for the next few days at 20% off to help you out during this crazy time. I hope this helps!

And please, reach out to others. Let this crisis show who you really are. Let it bring out the best in us. 

Keeping them healthy and learning: This blog post has suggestions and resources to help both teachers and parents during the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, and time away from school.

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