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Share the "Thank You" Wave!

There are a lot of angry people in this world, have you noticed?
Share the "Thank You" Wave! A simple act of kindness is the best example you can give children! 

 I'm not so sure we can change all the anger in the world, but I truly believe, if we do our part, we can help people be kinder.

I suggest by starting with the Thank You wave.

You know that wave people give when a car stops to let a pedestrian pass?

Or when a car lets a person into a line of traffic?

A Thank You wave is called for! 

It's a simple gesture, yet it makes people feel good!

So, why don't people do it more often?

Here's my challenge for you: see how many opportunities you can find to do that Thank You wave! See if you can make someone smile, and hopefully, that will make you smile as well!

Now, I know what you're wondering, what does a blog for elementary teachers have to do with a Thank You wave? Well, the only way we're going to teach children about kindness is through example! Be a good example for kindness!

And by the way, when that car stops to let you cross the street? Besides doing the Thank You wave, hustle! They're waiting for you, show kindness back to them by not making them wait!

Share the "Thank You" Wave! A simple act of kindness is the best example you can give children!


  1. Thank you for adding some positivity and good advice to the blogging world. I'm grateful. Since you can't see me, I'll just say "thank you so much" instead of giving you the wave. Have a wonderful week.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Waving the "thank you wave" for your kind comment!

      Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. This is great, Sally!! Sending you a BIG Thank You wave!!👋


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