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Ideas to Help Get the New School Year Started

Looking for ideas to start the new year? 

Every year, when the calendar turns to August, I start thinking about how I want to make the new school year the very best one yet! (Apologies to those who have already started this year... I'm sure you went through this in July, when people around here were just starting their vacation!)

I have a feeling I'm not alone in trying to "beat" last year's opening!

I have plenty of ideas to share, some are my own blog posts, and some are from my teacher/ blogger friends!

Here is a fun Math icebreaker by Brenda of Enjoy Teaching with Brenda Kovich!

Here are some great suggestions for Back to School Night from Two Boys and a Dad!

Building community is essential at the beginning of the school year. Here are some great ideas from Michelle of

I've spent 40 years in the classroom, and have built up a whole lot of "tricks" up my sleeve! Here are some of my favorite blog posts from "Back to School" in years past:


Another favorite, having experienced plenty of "back to school" first days!

For those of you who AREN'T interior decorators in your spare time:

I've made this promise as far back as I can recall. It helps them understand why they're there, and what they can do to make school a positive experience: My First Day of School Promise


This is a fabulous book to read on the first day, plus there's a freebie!


 There's a freebie with this post as well!

Speaking of freebies, here are ten, that will hopefully help you get started for the year:


 I hope these links help you get organized and awesome! 

If they do, please pin for your friends to see!

Ideas to Help Get the New School Year Started: After many "first days of school", here are several "back to school" ideas to make this year the best year ever!

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