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Are you ready for the big game?

If you're like me, you're taking advantage of the enthusiasm for the big game coming up!

It's Super Bowl time! Take advantage of the children's enthusiasm and let them enjoy some football themed learning experiences!

When children are excited about something, I always try to bring it into the classroom when I can. Books are a great place to start. (Click each image for a link to Amazon.)


There's a ton of kid-related Super Bowl videos on YouTube. Just google "Super Bowl for Kids!"

Here's one I found. The commercials are often the best part of the Super Bowl. I'm thinking I might have the children vote on their favorite. then make a graph of the voting. 

Top Ten Funniest Doritos Super Bowl Commercials

I'm sure you can find more YouTube videos that you can relate to classwork!

Here's a Super Bowl freebie with mapping and writing! Just explore the image.

Here's a football themed gameboard, with 4 different games that could be played on it.


Here's a freebie version of the above game, which practices Counting to 1,000. Just explore the image for the freebie!


This game can be played a few different ways, and always has the children giggling! All the verbs are football related, too! Football Past and Present Verbs.


I also have a couple of "twin" football BINGO games. This math game practices adding and subtracting tens.


Here's the literacy "twin," Touchdown R-Controlled Vowels


Looking for a little more math practice? Check this one out: 


Now here's the fun: all these football themed resources are now bundled at a great discount!


With the excitement of the Super Bowl, having football related games will keep them engaged, and they might not realize that they are practicing important skills!

It's Super Bowl time! Take advantage of the children's enthusiasm and let them enjoy some football themed learning experiences!

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