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Three Words About Your Weekend!

Three Words About Your Weekend: Here's a morning meeting ritual we do every Monday. The kids love it, and they're learning something about words and language!

Every Monday, we have a special topic for our Morning Meeting Share. Every Monday we share 3 words about our weekend!

Believe it or not, it's harder for my second graders than it seems! 

Some have trouble limiting it to 3 words. They try to sum up their weekend into phrases and sentences. (I wish they'd apply this skill in their writing and speaking!)

Some actually have trouble remembering their weekend! They really can't remember what they did for the last couple of days! I've had weekends like that where everything blended in together.

Then I have others who start planning their 3 words on Friday, and are all excited when it's sharing time!

Then there are others who are so interested in the 3 words others share they can't remember what they planned to say themselves.  I admit, I've done that more than once.

One of the best benefits: it helps the children when it comes to note taking. It gives them practice choosing the important words and distinguishing them from those "little middle" words that aren't essential.

Example: "I went to Applebee's with my family. I had chicken. "
"Applebees, family, chicken"

"I played in the snow with my sisters. We built a fort."
"Snow, sisters, fort"

As the year goes on, they're getting better at it, and just in time! We're starting our big library research project!

Another advantage to this sharing?
It gives me lots of information about my students, and what is important in their lives.

What are 3 words about your weekend?


  1. LOVE this idea! I'm trying it tomorrow ~ assuming we have school! My 3 words: snow, shovel, repeat!

    1. That sounds about right for my weekend, too! Thanks!


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