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Be Prepared for Giggles!

Be Prepared for Giggles! True or False is a fun activity that will send the children into fits of laughter!

Here's a group game that will bring out the giggles in everyone! It can be played at Morning Meeting, indoor recess, or any time of day. It's called True or False?

One person is "it". That person makes two statements. One is a true statement, the other is a false statement. It might sound something like this:  "I have an older brother. I have a baby sister." The others have to guess which is the fallacy.  It sounds so simple, but when the kids try to make up false statements, the giggles begin!

Usually, it's pretty easy to guess the false statement, but that's not really what it's about. It's really about the giggles! After all, a good laugh is healthy!

Click the above image or click HERE for more evidence that laughter in the classroom is GOOD!


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