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Election Day Options for Little Learners

Election Day Options for Little Learners: The REAL election is far too grusome to share with little ones, so here are a few alternatives that will help the kiddos learn in a way they can understand

 I'm tired of watching the attack ads all over the tv, my phone ringing constantly, getting flyer after flyer in the mail, and the signs all over town. Luckily, this campaign season is almost over, thank goodness!

 I also think it's important to teach the importance of the election to the little ones.  
But in a gentler, kinder fashion.

We vote for our favorite indoor recess game! Click the above image or click HERE for this freebie for Election Day.  It includes ballots, graphs, and suggestions for the day.

We've been working on common and proper nouns, so I've cooked up this matching game with an election theme. I find ANY special day makes learning more fun, doesn't it? This set has several options, including a board game. You can learn more about this set HERE, or by clicking the image.

There's a smaller, freebie version of this activity, which can be found here:

Kids always need brain breaks, and squeezing in a little patriotism doesn't hurt! Click the image or click HERE to download this freebie!

Here are a few books I've found with an election theme. Be sure to click the images for an affiliate link to Amazon for more information!

Don't forget the Patriotic Music!

(Click each image for an affiliate link to Amazon for more information.)

How do you honor election day with your little ones?

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