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How Can I Keep My Active Students Learning?

Kiddos sure have a hard time sitting for long periods of time, don't they.

According to research, they shouldn't! So how can we let them be active, yet keep them learning?

How Can I Keep My Active Students Learning? Here are three ideas to keep them moving AND learning, and even having some fun, too!

Clearly, the answer is... have them learn standing up!

I've got a very active group of kids this year, so we've been learning in a variety of positions all year!

Here are some ways we can keep kids moving as part of their moving:

1. Have them move as part of the learning. For example, when we learn to spell a new word, the kids "dance" the words. For each tall letter, we stand tall with our hands in the air. For each medium sized letter, we put our hands on our hips. For the letters that go below the baseline, we squat with our hands on the floor. A couple of my students really enjoy the "dance" concept, and have added a hip movement as we spell and dance out the words.  I'm all for making it more fun!

2. Brain breaks! Sometimes children need a break FROM the learning, and that's fine. But it's possible to add a physical break that's also part of the learning! For example, in math, the children could do "wall push ups" while counting by fives... or reciting math facts. When sharing a story with the children, the children can take a walk as if they were one of the characters in the story. 

Here's a little freebie with some Social Studies and Science related Brain Breaks!


3. Scoot! Scoot is an active game where children move from desk to desk answering questions or performing tasks. It's fun to play any time of year, but I find it particularly necessary as we get to those last few weeks of school. Here's a blog post explaining how to play Scoot.

How Can I Keep My Active Students Learning? Here are three ideas to keep them moving AND learning, and even having some fun, too!

Keeping these ideas in mind, I've made a couple of new resources! Each resource has an informational text with 10 text based questions, 4 text based sketches for drawing, and 6 text related brain breaks. These are perfect for Scoot, or simply as task cards for those kiddos that need to move. 
Click the links below if you want more information!



Keep those kiddos moving!

How Can I Keep My Active Students Learning? Here are three ideas to keep them moving AND learning, even at the end of the school year!

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