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Illustrating Homographs to Internalize Learning

Illustrating Homophones: Children internalize learning by integrating the arts into their daily learning. This post tells about visualizing and illustrating to remember homographs
 Brain Research tells us that when children illustrate as part of the learning process, it deepens the learning. In fact, integrating any of the arts has this affect on learning!

My students did this activity on homographs this week: 

My kids were so excited about the double meanings of words, they had a blast!  Plus, they created some awesome illustrations to prove their understanding!  Here are some of them:
double meaning of change
Change can mean the money that you get back. Or Change can mean if you get your clothes dirty, you could change them!
double meaning of tip
Tip can mean a tip of a pencil or the tip at a restaurant.

double meaning of foot
Foot can mean football or foot can mean a foot.

double meaning of broke
Broke can mean I broke up or broke can mean no money.

double meaning of bat
Bat can mean a baseball bat or a bat who flies.

double meaning of key
Key can mean a house key or key can mean a computer key.

double meaning of rose
Rose can mean a flower or Rose can mean a girl's name.

double meaning of well
Well can mean a wishing well or well can mean getting better when you're sick.

double meaning of march
March can mean they are marching or March can mean the month of March.

Aren't their drawings amazing? 

They actually thought of meanings of these words that I hadn't come up with! I love when they think of things I don't, in fact, I always love when the kiddos are thinking!

This is a perfect activity to keep in the "sub tub". It requires little preparation (just run off the papers), the kids enjoy it, and it's easy to leave directions for another teacher! 

Plus, these kiddos really know their homographs!

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