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Resources for May

 Resources for May - plenty of resources for Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and even the Kentucky Derby, plus several freebies!

May is here, and the horses are at the gates.

Yes, the Kentucky Derby is this week, and there's a close read about the Kentucky Derby in this resource: Science and Social Studies Activities for May!

I'm sure I'll have my kiddos wear fancy hats and find Kentucky on the map! Maybe even read a good horse book! (Click the images for links!)

This week also brings Cinco de Mayo AND Teacher Appreciation Day. 

I plan to celebrate Mexico on both Monday and Tuesday, then celebrate teachers for the rest of the week.

Here are some Cinco de Mayo resources:

Here's a fun word work game with a Mexico theme: 

Of course I have a Mexico freebie: 

for more ideas for celebrating Mexico, see THIS BLOG POST.

This is what I plan on doing for Teacher Appreciation:

I'm going to run off a whole bunch of these Thank You Cards, and have them fill them out for the teachers in the school! I don't let them make them out to me,since there are plenty of other teachers who spend their time helping children. (Any adult who works with children is fair game for Teacher Appreciation, even if they don't have a certificate!)

or perhaps you'd like the freebie?

For more about the Thank You Cards, see THIS BLOG POST.

Here's some fun Mother's Day stuff: 

And here's my traditional Mother's Day gift:

for more information about this Mother's Day gift, 

Toward the end of the month is Memorial Day. I know some teachers will be enjoying summer by then, but we're not even close yet! 

But it's not too early for Freedom Isn't Free!

Plus, a freebie for keeping track of the Patriotic Holidays!

Plus, another freebie: Patriotic Brain Breaks!

for more information about celebrating patriotic holidays, see THIS BLOG POST.

Still looking for May Resources? See my May Pinterest page!

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