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What to do with Leftover Jellybeans?

What to do with leftover jellybeans - this is about a resource that makes it easier for teachers to share hands-on science and social studies activities for their primary students.

Do you have left over Jellybeans?  If you don't, I'll bet you can get some real cheap!

My students and I have been having some fun observing jellybeans that have been soaking in different solutions.

We started by recording our predictions on what might happen.

Then we poured the solutions in and watched.

A day later, we recorded our observations.

The conversations between the groups were priceless! They were drawing conclusions and making logical comparisons. What an awesome group of scientists I have!

We have a couple of days before the final observation at the end of a week. It should be interesting to see their final conclusions!

This experiment is part of my Science and Social Studies for April.

I've been adding one of these to my collection each month in an effort to squeeze in Science and Social Studies topics into my second grade. We have so much focus on with literacy, math and RTI, it's tough to squeeze in the subjects that the children love the most!  

With these Science and Social Studies activities, I can find the time to do some fun stuff, without wasting much class time or prep time. 

Besides the jellybean experiment, there's another experiment on how to make an egg float, the lifecycle of a frog, a close read on Earth Day, and a mapping activity based on major league baseball teams. (The latter is a mini-version of Baseball Geography, which you can see more about HERE.)

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