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An Educational Winter Art Project

An Educational Art Project: turn a snow man art project into math problems! The best part? You can keep it up after the holidays!
I love a craft that ties into something educational.  
I also love a craft that allows room for individual creativity.  

This time of year, we have to pull all the stops out to get them enthusiastic about learning, so we did this art project.

The kiddos made snow people with snowballs for each of the letters in their names. They made a math equation to represent their names, then decorated the snow people. 

Sorry, I had to cover the last names.
Middle names were optional, but several wanted to include them. 

Look closely at this one: the third snow person is sad because the wind blew away his hat!

Here's another, aren't these adorable?

One thing I really like about these: I can hang them in the hallway now, and I can keep them up until January!

1 comment:

  1. great idea! thank you very much, we need lots of fun educational projects to keep us going until the holiday break. Paula, Educating Children with Disabilities.blogspot


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