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Sometimes You Just Have to Cry

My typical style is to turn the title of my post into something funny, but I'm actually serious.

Sometimes you really just have to cry!

Sometimes You Just Have to Cry! This post has some ideas for those times when you need a "good cry," but the tears won't come.

I guess it's been since my divorce, but sometimes I have a hard time crying. I suspect it comes from trying so hard to be strong all the time. I have a hard time letting go.

But crying can be good. It's cleansing. 
It helps to get the bad feelings out. 

It doesn't make things better, but sometimes it's part of healing.

A couple of weeks ago, I lost a friend, suddenly, in a plane crash. He was a member of my singing group. I've known him for close to 20 years.

I didn't cry.

I found myself thinking I was a horrible person. 
Why wouldn't I cry?

I think part of it was that I was still in shock. 

My singing group will be singing at his memorial service tomorrow. 

When I heard the music we'd be singing, then the floods started. 

You can listen to recordings of these songs HERE and HERE.

The second one is the killer... if you need a good cry, that should do it!

Throughout my life, whenever I needed that beautiful release that only a "good cry" will bring, this is the song I'd listen to: 

As I've mentioned here on my blog, I'm a huge theatre fan!

That's Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon. I saw this show in London (starring Lea Salonga!) in 1990, before it came to the U.S. 

I admit, I did cry through a good portion of the show, but this song in particular had a strong connection for me.
It's interesting. This was years before I had a child, but I knew even then how much I would love that child. 
This post has more ideas on the benefits of a "good cry," and how music will help! A Good "Ugly" Cry! It's Good for You!
Sometimes You Just Have to Cry! This post has some ideas for those times when you need a "good cry," but the tears won't come.

Music is magical. What songs make you cry?

Sometimes You Just Have to Cry! This post has some ideas for those times when you need a "good cry," but the tears won't come.


  1. I LOVE Miss Saigon! I have never seen it and want it to be revived SO badly....that musical is beautiful!!!! Currently the Mindy Project gets me crying! I think because I so feel like her in life right now.
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Music is, indeed, magical. When we lost my dad over a decade ago, I did not cry. I hurt, but could not cry. He had been through so much, and then was suddenly gone. A couple of years later, I was watching a concert on tv with my family, and Danny Boy came on. Suddenly I could not stop crying. It had been one of my dad's favorite songs.

    Two years ago, my husband had a stroke He is now hemiplegic (right side) and disabled. He cannot bathe or dress himself. I prepare all of his food because he can't do so. There are brain issues that affect his reasoning and memory skills. He is at home with me, because he would be totally miserable in an institutional setting....and I don't want him to be totally miserable. But it is a lot of work. And there are people who say that I use him as an excuse to not do the things that they think I should do. Sometimes the pain of it all is crushing, but I cannot cry. I do not know if I will ever be able to cry again. Thank God for music. By playing my instruments, I can partially cleanse myself of the pain.

    My deepest condolences on the loss of your friend. May peace inhabit your soul.


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