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We're in the Money!

We started working on money this week in second grade!  Money is all about skip counting, so if the kids don't know how to skip count, it's going to be tough.  Counting by 5s and by 10s is pretty easy for the kids, but I use a little trick from my past to count by 25s.

Brain research tells us that adding movement, as well as repetition helps the memory.

Did I mention that I was once a cheerleader?

This one dates back to the early 70s, but I think I remember my mother saying this one, so I'm guessing it dates back to about the 40s.  Some of my girls volunteered to pose for the photographs.  I usually call it a chant, not a cheer, so it doesn't scare away my little guys!  These movements can be done in quite a manly manner, despite the daintiness you see in these lovely ladies.

A Chant for Quarters!

Twenty five! (punch arms up and left.)

Fifty! (punch arms down and left.)

Seventy-five! (punch arms up and right.)
A dollar! (Punch arms down and right.)
Everyone for money, (Arms out to sides.)
Stand up, (bend forward, roll arms)

and holler!  (Put arms up high.)

The kids absolutely love it! (Yes, even the boys!)  It makes a nice brain break, or just a warm up for math class.  The kids get to move around and practice their skip counting by 25s as well.

Instead of saying "Everyone for money", we usually insert the name of our school.

With my musical theatre background, every time we get ready for math when we're working with money, I break out into the song We're in the Money from the musical 42nd Street.  I have a couple of kids in my class that are musically inclined, so last Friday at snack time, I showed them this video:

Every single kid was absolutely mesmerized!  They even asked to see it again.  (A couple of kids watched it a third time, while waiting for buses!) Then, when it was time to get ready for science, they all started tap dancing.  Of course I let them tap dance their way to get their science materials.  You can't discourage a desire for musical theatre!


  1. I came across this post on Pinterest. I teach first grade in New Jersey and love your little chant/cheer for skip counting by 25s. Some of my little firsties have been having a terrible time skip counting by 25s when we count quarters so I'll definitely be using this little cheer. Thanks for sharing!

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