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Strengthen Math Skills

Looking for some ways to strengthen math skills? 
Well, I have the answer: games!

Strengthen Math Skills - Some information about how games strengthen math skills, and ideas for games, including 2 freebies!
Brain research proves that getting the emotions involved helps the memory. (Think back to those very emotional times of your own life... the bring back strong memories, don't they? Think: weddings, babies, holidays)

It's also important that children spend some time in conversation. Brain research proves that, and as classroom teachers, we know we need to let them talk... sometimes!

For those reasons, I make sure my kids play plenty of math games. There are so many math skills that need to be repeated to be strengthened, and games can be played again and again! 

The game above is a freebie version of a game my students have played for more than 20 years. The kids love it, and it's a great way to practice 2 digit addition, with a little bit of luck and strategy involved.


Here's another Math Game Freebie. I made this game one summer when I was helping out my friend with his golf camp and got inspired. (Some teachers just can't let go, can we?)

Over the years, as I've been blogging, I keep coming back to games. Here are a few other posts that might interest you about games:

What math games do you play with your students?  

Strengthen Math Skills - Some information about how games strengthen math skills, and ideas for games, including a freebie!


  1. Thanks for the great freebies! I have been looking through some of your older posts and I love what I see!

    The Math Maniac

  2. Love making those kids think! Great freebie! Thanks!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. I think that having basic math skills can definitely help you throughout your educational and professional career. My parents and I want my little brother to succeed but he is having some trouble in math this year. We are getting him a math tutor in San Jose with hopes that math will be more fun for him and easier to understand.

    1. Chase,

      Yes, that Number Sense is absolutely essential for success in mathematics!

      Sally from Elementary Matters

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