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That Day That Teachers Dread?

The Day That Teachers Dread? I'm one who looks forward to April Fool's Day in the classroom. Here are plenty of reasons why!
Did you realize April Fool's Day is coming???

I'm a true believer in any opportunity to laugh!  As a matter of fact, laughter is healthy!  (See THIS blog post on the benefits of laughter!)  It's also great for the brain! (See THIS blog post on brain fitness!)

I do enjoy making the kids laugh, and I enjoy their humor.  But I kind of like to "beat them to the punch".

I set the rules first thing:  April Fool's Day is about making people laugh.  It is NOT about making people mad.

I stuck around for a while after school today setting up some things that will hopefully lead to a few laughs.

I wrote the morning letter for Monday.  I usually write about the morning routine, reminding them of their daily responsibilities, and if anything unusual were going to happen on that day.  Monday's letter says we're going on a field trip to Disney World.  The schedule is set up with the word "field trip" at the top, and nothing else!

Here's the date for Monday:  (They have actually

earned 25 minutes, not 325!)
When you're 7, seeing things you normally see, but upside down, is pretty funny.  (Note the calendar arrow pointing to August, rather than April!)

Again, upside down is pretty funny when you're 7.

  Some of the names and stations for the morning literacy block are upside down... great stuff.  

This is where we often put "exit slips" for reading.  They put a post it on their number, telling something about the story they read.  I put a post it with a personality trait on their numbers.  Hopefully this will make them smile!

How do I bring April Fool's Day into reading?  I bring out my joke books!

And, of course, who understands the sense of humor of a seven year old better than Robert Munsch?

How do I bring April Fool's day into Math?  With Problem solving!  Check out my April Fool's Day Math Freebie! (Click image to download!)

Interestingly, I have several of the same ideas, plus a few more on last year's April Fool's Day post!  Click HERE to see that one!

Have a happy April Fool's Day!  I hope you hear loads of laughter!


  1. Have I just been fooled? Do you really only have 13 students?!? Wow. That's awesome.

    Surfing to Success

  2. Fun fun fun! I wish I was a fly on the wall of your classroom!


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