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Valentine Fun

Valentine Fun- continue learning and have some fun on Valentine's Day. Here are several ideas and resources for the primary classroom.

What is it about Valentine's Day that's so much fun for kids? 

They're not involved in romance, so that couldn't be it! 

Valentine's Day
We give them some class time to exchange some silly cards. Well, that's definitely fun. And there's all that candy...  plus, it's something fun during the "longest" month of the year!

synonyms and antonyms
Yes, I know, February is really the shortest month of the year, and we have the last week off. But for those of us in New England who are totally sick of the winter cold by this point, February is the "longest" month of the year! Valentine's Day is a nice break from the mundane.

Well, as I was strolling through the Dollar Store yesterday, I saw packages of plastic heart containers. Immediately I started thinking about what I can do with them in the classroom. (Do normal people stroll through the Dollar Store and try to find stuff they can buy for their jobs?)

Valentine's Game
I found myself thinking of the activity I did last year with Easter Eggs, and I thought I'd adapt it to Valentine Hearts.

I made Valentine Synonym or Antonym Match Up.  I can't wait to show the kids!  I even found some shiny red bags to put the pieces in!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, be sure to check out this freebie:
 Valentine's Day Mini-Books!

There's a mini book with Valentine's Trivia, and a mini book for the children to list all the things they love!  Plus, it comes with directions on how to fold and cut the mini-books.

Do you have a day off or a meeting coming? These activities are one way to continue keep the children engaged and learning, without making extra work for you! Valentine's Day No Prep Activities

I have one more activity to show you:  it's a math facts board
game:  Have a Heart Math Facts Game!  It practices basic addition and subtraction facts. The kiddos can play just addition, just subtraction, or combine both!

I can't blog about Valentine's Day without mentioning my very favorite Valentine's Day book: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!  This book will warm your heart, without a doubt.  It can actually be read any time of year, but it's a MUST READ for Valentine's Week!

I love children's books!  I can't resist once I start looking at books, but here are several more with a Valentine's Day or a LOVE theme.  Be sure to click on each book for a link to Amazon to learn more about that book.  (For the Love of Autumn is another one of my all time favorites - Patricia Polacco is an amazing author!)

Have a great Valentine's Day!  I hope your kiddos LOVE the day!


  1. Oh we love those lil plastic hearts! Last year we put lil letters in that spelled a HFW and the kids have to unscramble and write down the word. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Just bought plastic hearts for February:) I am putting a word inside that they will need to create a sentence for our writing center!
    The Schroeder Page

  3. Thanks for sharing all of those great books! I also love to read Love You Forever this time of the year :)
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  4. Love you Forever is a great one, too! I love Robert Munsch!


  5. "Do normal people stroll through the Dollar Store and try to find stuff they can buy for their jobs?" HILARIOUS! I have often had that flit across my mind when shopping. :) Reminds me of the "pin" I saw recently, "Teaching: the only profession where you steal stuff from home to bring to work."

    1. Laura,

      I don't think "normal" people do that, but I think teachers do! Lol!


  6. SO cool! My kiddos LOVE making those little books! Thanks for sharing & for linking up with Class*y!


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