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Opinion Writing Organizational Freebie

 Kids have opinions, and they're actually pretty good at sharing these opinions, giving reasons for their opinions, and sometimes even getting their way! 

They need help getting these opinions written down in an organized manner. I have this freebie to help them out with this!

I made up THIS graphic organizer, along with a couple of samples.  There are a million topics they can use to share their opinions, such as "favorite color, brothers: good or bad, favorite after school activity, to name a few.

I always believe that children need to talk before they write, so I'd share my samples, and enhance each time to make the story more interesting.


  1. I'm in NC and glad that Sandy has pretty much passed us now. We just had a bunch of rain and some wind.

    ~Diving Into Learning

  2. Stay safe! Good luck with the kiddos on Halloween.


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