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Memorial Day: A Day To Remember

Memorial Day in America is a day to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Many people also enjoy the day with a long weekend, parades, cook outs, and the beginning of summer.

Memorial Day: A Day to Remember - Ideas, Resources, and 3 different freebies for honoring Memorial Day in the Primary Classroom
When I grew up, Patriotism was strong in this country. Most of our parents remembered World War II, and it was clear how lucky we are to be Americans. Our parents taught us the importance of being Americans. We learned all the words to all the patriotic songs, and sang them proudly. We knew how to care for our flag, and we knew we were lucky to be born Americans.

It seem that many Americans have forgotten the joys, privileges, and responsibilities of living in a free country. So many Americans are angry, and are blaming our government. Many Americans don't even know the words to The Star Spangled Banner, or even how to show respect for the American flag. I try to teach my own students to be proud of their country. I teach them what freedom means, and how they live in a land where they can choose what they want to be! I read Patriotic books and I cry.



Especially with this one.
patriotic book

Although I'd say we are definitely due for a long, relaxing weekend, you'll bet I'll be reading these books and showing videos like this one I found which explains Memorial Day to children, with pictures of American Memorials and just enough history for little ones to understand.


I'll also be singing Patriotic Songs with the children, as I do on most holidays. I found this great website that has lyrics and background music for most of the favorites, and it's all free!

I found some great ideas for celebrating patriotic holidays on the Scholastic Website. These ideas would work for any of the patriotic holidays, not just Memorial Day. 

Since my little ones sometimes struggle to remember the differences in many patriotic holidays, I made up these lists to help remember the importance of each occasion as well as some ideas for celebrating each. See the image or HERE for your freebie.


Planning on doing some patriotic writing this Memorial Day? You can download this writing paper freebie HERE!


Here's one more freebie that can be used for any patriotic holiday: Patriotic Brain Breaks!


I also have a "Reading Comprehension for Active Learners" Resource which is perfect for Memorial Day. It has informational text, text questions, sketching, and brain breaks, all related to the USA. Check it out here: Freedom Isn't Free: Learning About the USA for Active Learners.

Here's a little video to help you see this resource.

Want a resource with plenty of ideas for patriotic holidays? Try this bundle with 7 different resources PLUS 7 different freebies: Learning About the USA!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, have a steak, or a hot dog, or even a veggie burger, but don't forget to remember the reason for the holiday, and that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!

Memorial Day: A Day to Remember - Ideas, Resources, and 3 different freebies for honoring Memorial Day in the Primary Classroom


  1. Thanks so much for the post . . . I really don't want this holiday to slip by me this year. It is so great to have a wonderful list of books and ideas at my finger tips. Glad I found you :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. Kelley,

    Glad you could use it. The Wall always gets to me... and the kids, too!


  3. Wow! This works for this Fourth of July week too! Thanks!
    ~ Veronica


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