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Eight Ways to Spice Up April Fool's Day

8 Ways to Spice Up April Fool's Day! Here are 8 different ways for elementary children to have fun on April Fool's Day, but keep on learning as well!
April Fool's Day is coming up!  In some ways I'm glad. It's hard to pretend to be surprised every time one of my students tells me my shoe is untied or I have a spider on my head.  But I'll be celebrating with my kids, since it's a day dedicated to laughing.  Who couldn't use more of that?

I tell my kids about GOOD jokes and BAD jokes

GOOD jokes make people laugh.

BAD jokes make people mad or upset.  

Of course, only GOOD jokes are allowed in my classroom!

Here are some ideas to make the kids laugh:

  1. Time for the joke books!  I have quite a collection of them after over 30 years of teaching.  They come out every April.  The kids love them (even my little ones that don't actually "get" the humor!)
  2. Pull out your favorite authors of funny books  Robert Munsch is spending some time in my classroom this week.  I've been reading one every day!  (Stephanie's Ponytail is the one I read today - the kids couldn't get enough of it!)  These are some of my favorite Robert Munsch books:
  4. Work silly things into every day work  There are always opportunities to give examples of what is being learned.  Throwing in something ridiculously silly just adds to the fun of learning.  I do a lot of movement breaks in my classroom, so  you know the children will be walking like a winged kangaroo or something along those lines.
  5. Do Math story problems with a very silly theme  I find if I use the words "monkey" or "underwear", the children break into laughter.  Make up an addition story about a money in striped underwear, and you're golden!
  6. Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest for April Fool's Day. See THIS link! 
  7. I like to "spice things up" on April Fool's Day by rearranging the classroom  I turn a few posters upside down, turn a few desks around so that the kids can't reach their stuff.  I'll find a kid with a good sense of humor and put his/ her desk completely in another part of the classroom, or even in the hallway.  (Some kids are just too sensitive for that stuff, but there's always one or two that could handle it and even enjoy it!)
  8. Mix up the schedule  Other than specials and lunch, rearrange all the other parts of the day.
  9. Replace their photographs with silly pictures If you have photographs of the children displayed in the classroom, put up a silly picture in its place.  They'll giggle about this for days!
What are your ideas for April Fool's Day?

For more on April Fool's Day see: 

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