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Thank you. Veterans!

Wow, I am so grateful for out veterans!  

They preserve our freedom and protect our country.  I've been looking for the perfect activity to help the children appreciate those brave men and women.


  I've spent the afternoon searching videos, and have several I want to show!  I've narrowed it down to a couple:

The one above gives a nice collection of pictures of various soldiers performing various duties, accompanied by a powerful song.

This one is a good one, as it uses voices of children.  It has good visuals, and lyrics on the screen so the children can sing along.

The lyrics are in a language the children can understand.  Very child friendly!

If I can get through this song without crying, this video gives a nice connection of visuals of soldiers and the USA.

Speaking of "can't get through it without crying," I thought I'd read my favorite book for Veterans Day.  I've read this every year, and I am amazed every year by the look on the children's faces as I read.  It definitely touches their emotions!


This freebie is a chance for the children to write to veterans they know ans thank them for all they do. You can find it HERE.


Here's a fun activity to help the children figure out who could be a veteran. Don't tell the kids, but ALL these describe what a veteran could be! 
hank you Veterans! This blog post has several videos, resources, and ideas for teaching the importance of Veterans Day, including a freebie!
Boom Learning is popular with students as well as teachers! This Boom Learning resource gives the children information about the different Armed Services of the USA!
Thank you Veterans! This blog post has several videos, resources, and ideas for teaching the importance of Veterans Day, including a freebie!

Americans, what are your plans to celebrate our Veterans?

Thank you Veterans! This blog post has several videos, resources, and ideas for teaching the importance of Veterans Day, including a freebie!


  1. we are hosting an all school Veterans Program--many children in our school have dads or grandparents who served.. Our music teacher is singing the national anthem and she taught us a song to sing to the Veterans. We are having "mini veterans"--children dressed in uniforms talking about what veterans day is and why we are honoring our guests. We colored ribbons to wear. Finally, we are having a tea for them at the end of the program.

  2. Jo, that sounds like a great ceremony! I wish we were doing something like that in my school!


  3. Thank you for such great resources for the kids! We probably need a 'Teachers Day' too for all you do.

    I came here from the "Teaching Blog Addict" site because this is a great idea for our Linky Party too this week. The theme is 'Veterens Day' this time.

    Would you like to add your post to our site? We're somewhat new, yet getting good traffic already and ranking very well for the search engines.

    We'd love to host your 'link' there this week too!

    Pam Hoffman

  4. Thanks for all of the great ideas! We watched the first video and my kinders loved it. I especailly like your sorting cards and writing activity. They will go in my file for next year. I've posted a couple of great books. Would love for you to stop by and check them out!

  5. Thank you for adding your link to our link party at conservationofeggs.blogspot.com.

    This post is a great way of reminding people to honor the men and women who took an oath to defend our Constitution.

    "Proud to be..." is one of my favorite songs. Thank you for giving me a chance to hear it again.

  6. Thanks, Pam, I enjoyed visiting your site!

  7. I Love Children's Lit, Thanks so much! I'm glad I found that video, my second graders enjoyed it as well.

    I loved your blog! Thanks for the comment!


  8. Thanks, Jeff, I was glad to post it.

    I'm always touched by that song as well.

    Thanks for the comment!


  9. I'm so glad you got to add your link Sally! We're delighted to host your post!

    Pam Hoffman


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