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The Greatest Sum - an Addition Game with Strategy and Fun!

The Greatest Sum - an Addition Game with Strategy and Fun! This game practices adding 2-4 digit numbers with many variations!

Here's a game my students have been playing for years called The Greatest Sum! I've put it together with lots of variations!

The basic game is played with two 2-digit numbers. The children choose one number square at a time, and decide where to place it on their boards. It doesn't take them long to figure out they should put the greater numbers in the tens column, and the lower numbers in the ones column. You can use the numbers included in this package, or you can use tiles, cubes. or other interesting manipulatives and write the numerals 0-9 on them, as I have done in these pictures.

Here's how to play:

1. Place the tiles (or number squares) face down between 2 "Greatest Sum" boards.
2. The first player takes a tile and places it in one of the squares on his board. That player should think about which square might bring them the greatest sum, since he isn't allowed to move it once he lets go!
3. Play continues between the two players until all squares on both boards are filled.
4. Which player has the greatest sum? Players may use paper & pencil, white boards, number grids, a calculator, or mental math to figure out the winner of each round. (Teacher's choice!)

As you can see on this preview, there are plenty of variations to this game!

Click the image to see the full set of this resource!

Click the image below for a freebie sample to try out!

Which player had the greatest sum?

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