Are You Ready to Ship Your Students Off to a New World?

Are you ready to ship your students off to a New World? It's a tough time of year! Time to pull all the stops out and try some super fun, engaging activities. (Shh... don't tell them they're still learning!)

Yes, the last few weeks have been a long haul. I'm VERY tired, and so are the kids, but we've got a couple more school days to survive!

It's time to pull all the stops out!  Time for high interest activities that involve conversation and movement.  Here are some ideas:

I'll be pulling out this activity from my Science and Social Studies Printables for November.

We'll also be reading informational text and learning about turkeys! (This is also in the Science and Social Studies Printables for November.)

I like to let the children work in pairs or small groups while working in these informational text booklets. It encourages conversation to discuss the information they are learning, and encourages them to use their new vocabulary.

Speaking of "reading with a partner", we'll be finishing up these Informational Books for Visualization and Illustration that we started last week. 

I also let them loose on this Scholastic Site, which has loads of images and information about the First Thanksgiving. We are lucky to have 7 tablets and 3 chrome books for the children to use.

Finally, we'll be getting our reading, writing, word work, and math skills in with these Fun No Prep Printables for Thanksgiving.

Planning ahead? Check out some of these blog posts:

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