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February Books, Resources, and

Can you believe February is upon us? 
I've got a bunch of ideas to help you get ready!

To start you off, here's a calendar freebie with lots of ideas for fun!

Groundhog Day is Tuesday. Will that groundhog see his shadow?
Well, here's a groundhog that can predict the weather! (Click the image for a link to Amazon!)

Here's a Groundhog Day Freebie to practice the Consonant-l-e ending in words! Just click the image!

Here's some more groundhog fun... to practice prefixes and suffixes. Just click the image!

And some Groundhog math fun, with a little "Super Football" math fun as well. Click the image!

Here's another freebie to help you out for this year's Super Bowl!

Have you had Day 100? Ours will be this Wednesday. Here's a great Day 100 book! (Click image for link to Amazon!)


This is a game that challenges my second graders, and they love it!

Here's another Day 100 game for "older" kiddos to practice Compliments of 100!

And a Day 100 Freebie for active kids...just click the image!

Guess what else is coming soon... Mardi Gras!

Valentine's Day is the same week! Here's my VERY favorite book to read for Valentine's Day! This one will warm your heart, and the kids' hearts as well! (Click for a link to Amazon!)

And a Valentine's Day Freebie!

Here are a few fun books for Presidents Day!

Here's a game to help your kids remember which American holiday is which!
American holidays

Here are plenty of activities for the kids with an American President theme!

Still looking for February Activities? Just click the image below!


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