Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving Resources - books, videos, resources, and a couple of freebies, all with a Thanksgiving theme!

Wow, Thankgiving is practically upon us!  Can you believe it?  After that, Christmas, then another year!  Life, please slow down?

Well, I want to spend the next 7 school days celebrating Thanksgiving. It's a great opportunity to "throw in" a little history, as well as enjoy the things for which we are grateful!

How do I squeeze all this in? Well, I always start with loads of books.  Here's a collection of books I've loved. Some are fun, some are informational. I like to have a lot of books for each interest and each reading level so they all can enjoy them at independent reading time! (Each image is a link to Amazon for more information.)


Books are always a great start. Movies are another fun way to enjoy the holidays!

Click the above image for a link to BrainPOP Jr's free Thanksgiving video! Don't you love BrainPOP?

Here are a couple of movies I've found on Youtube with a Thanksgiving theme.  Feel free to preview them and choose what is right for your group!

HERE are some videos from Scholastic that have been filmed at Plimouth Plantation. These are definitely worth a watch!

I try to squeeze in the holidays in all the subjects. This product has loads of math and literacy activities with the Thanksgiving theme  I'll be using these all week! (Click image for link!)

Here's a freebie version of the above product!

There are a few Thanksgiving themed items in my November Science and Social Studies Printables! 
November Printables

There's an information mini-book about turkeys, complete with fun facts, vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, and a reflection page. (My kiddos LOVED this, especially the fun facts!)
Science and Social Studies printables for November

Plus, there's a sorting activity, where the children have to decide if facts might have happened back in 1621, or if it couldn't have happened back then. Be prepared for giggles!
Science and Social Studies printables for November

Here's a math game with a Turkey theme to practice those +9 facts. My kids LOVE this one!

Here's a freebie version of the above game:

I'm a big believer in having children illustrate ideas to help internalize learning. Here's my Thanksgiving Story, Informational Text in kid's language, for them to illustrate.

I can't let Thanksgiving go by without a reference to football! When I was a kid, we always had a football game in the morning, and a turkey in the afternoon. (My dad was a football coach!)

Here are links to a couple of football games my kids love!

Counting to 1,000, plus short and long vowels:

Here's a freebie version of the above set:

Here's is a favorite for my boys:  Past and Present Verbs! Yes, all these verbs have something to do with football!

Still looking for more?  I have loads of ideas, including lots of freebies, on my November Pinterest board:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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