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Bullwinkle: a fun math game! Here's an easy game that requires nothing but fingers... and fun! It's great for morning meeting or just a filler!
I love when I get something from a workshop that I can bring back to my classroom the next day!

Today we had a Staff Development Day about Math. It had some good stuff about subitizing, Rekenreks (we used to call them abacuses) and different activities we can do with the kiddos  to help build that all important Number Sense.  

One fun activity was called "Bullwinkle".  (Do others remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon?)  Well, it's called that because you need to put your hands on your head so you look sort of like a moose.  (One could say you look like a reindeer this time of year!)

The teacher tells the kids to hold up a number of fingers. 
There are several variations:  making the number alone, making the number differently from a partner, making the number by working with your partner, making the number with your partner without actually talking.  

I really wanted to take a picture of a whole room of teachers (and administrators) playing Bullwinkle, but my hands were busy making the number 15.

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