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Look Out for the Dreaded Desk Monster!

Look Out for the Dreaded Desk Monster! Here's a different approach to encourage children to keep their desks clean.
I've never actually seen a desk monster. I don't think they're dangerous at all, but they are pests! And they're tricky, because they hide during the school day, but come out and wreak havoc when no one is around. Here's my evidence of their existence:
  1. They've been known to eat important papers.
  2. They leave footprints on the desks of students in the form of dirt, pencil markings and crayon markings.
  3. If there's a bad infestation, they make nests out of children's papers by crumbling them up at the back of their desks. 
Luckily, I've found a few things that can help keep these guys at bay.
  1. Don't keep any stray papers in your desk. Keep any important papers in a folder.  Desk monsters can't open folders.
  2. Keep food away from desks. If you spill a little snack, clean up the crumbs right away.
  3. Keep all the books and materials in your desk in a neat and orderly manner.
That's it!  If you follow these three simple rules, the desk monsters won't be able to make nests, and will move onto another classroom. (Maybe your brother's classroom!)

1 comment:

  1. Hahah what a precious way to encourage kids to keep their desks clean! :)


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